Stacie and Jeff

Image 1 of Stacie and JeffHow We Met: Jeff and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend, but sparks didn’t start flying until we hit the dance floor at another friend’s wedding in August of 2013. He was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid, and we both had an affinity for getting down on the dance floor! One dance lead to two, two to three, and we were pretty much dance partners the rest of the night. I remember seeing him in a whole new way that night, and he says the same about me. There was a chemistry there we’d never experienced, and we couldn’t wait to explore it more. In fact, our friend tells us that while watching us dance that night, she turned to her husband and said, “Stacie and Jeff and going to get married!”

how they asked: Jeff is extremely sentimental, so he knew he wanted the proposal to be full of heart. He wanted to propose somewhere that had special meaning to us, and for him that meant Jefferson Park. The park is in our neighborhood and has an incredible view of downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound, so it feels like home when we’re there.

He had the help of our friends in orchestrating the day, which started with a town car picking up me up at work with flowers and a note saying he was going to meet me somewhere special to the both of us.

Jeff was waiting for me when I arrived at Jefferson Park, and once he grabbed my hand and started us up the path to the view, I knew what was coming. I was still in shock, but beyond excited at what was to come!

We made it to our spot, and there he explained why he’d chosen Jefferson Park to propose. He said the park had always been “his place”; his place to go to think and pray. His special place. He then said he hadn’t been there in a while because I’d become his place: “You’re my place,” he said. That’s when I started crying, of course! He then said more sweet words (which you can hear in the video) before asking me to be his wife. He then whisked me off to dinner, and there I thought the night couldn’t get any better; but, he had so much more in the works.

Back at his house, he had my best friend setting up an incredible surprise engagement party where our closest Seattle friends were waiting to celebrate us. He also had a videographer documenting the whole day, from him getting ready to picking me up, to the actual proposal. The poor guy was trying not to slip down an embankment while hiding behind bushes during the proposal to catch everything without letting me see him! I had no idea he was there the whole time, which was amazing because between the proposal and the surprise party, the videographer was working like crazy to edit together the video to show at the end of the night.

So after a surprise proposal and surprise engagement party, Jeff herded everyone into his room where the videographer had been hiding and editing. With tears streaming down my face (and everyone else’s I’m sure) I got to relive my proposal with everyone I love by my side. It was the most precious gift. When the video finished, I looked up to see my brother, sister-in-law and nephew walk in the door–Jeff had flown them in from out of town so I could have some of my family there to celebrate! At that point, the day felt complete. I was so filled up with joy, I could have married him on the front porch and called it a night!

Image 2 of Stacie and Jeff

We’re less than a month away from saying “I do,” and the magic of our engagement day is still with us! I’m beyond grateful for the time, effort, and love he put into making this day special for the both of us, and I can’t wait to start our life together.

Image 3 of Stacie and Jeff

Cinematography by First and Foremost Productions