Stacie and Conor

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sun High Orchards

How We Met

While our affinity for classic entertainment may be antiquated, how we met was very much “with the times.” One late summer night, I browsed Bumble until I stumbled across Conor’s profile. Yes, he was cute but his profile showed sincerity in making a connection. So, I messaged him. In no time, we were talking on the phone, Face-Timing, and staying up late and talking about anything. Our first date on September 2, 2017. We met at Sun High Orchard, the farm across the street from my house, and then went to the park. Pizza from LaGratella and Froyo followed. So did Stacie’s parents apparently; they walked into the pizza shop at the same time we were picking up our order. Talk about a Sign! We then spent hours in the back of Conor’s yellow Nissan Xterra, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. We went “official” by the end of the month. After that, the ball was in Conor’s court.

How They Asked

One year and ten months later, I (Conor) came up early on a Friday pizza in hand. But I forgot one thing; DESSERT. So I asked Stacie to escort me to Sun High Orchard to pick up an apple pie, one of her many favorite desserts. As we got closer to the entrance, I got nervous. She kept asking me where we were going and all I could say was just, “c’mon, follow me.” Her keen eye picked up the photographer that I requested to be there on our way over to the rabbits. Once there, time stopped in the middle of a heatwave. I told her how happy I was to be with her and how excited I was to see who we’d become.

Proposal Ideas Sun High Orchards

Then I dropped to one knee and popped the question. She said, “what? Oh my gosh, no way! …YES!” Pictures were snapped, and celebration followed. It was perfect.

Special Thanks

Jenna Perfette
 | Photographer