Staci and Andrew

Staci and Andrew's Engagement in High School

How We Met

Our story started almost 15 years ago in 2005. Andrew and I met on the third day of freshman year of high school. I was a cheerleader and a senior cheerleader had said she knew the perfect guy to introduce me to. So we set up a time to meet during school. I was so nervous, I was actually hiding from them! But, they eventually found me and literally all we said to each other was “Hi”. A few days go by without ever seeing or talking to each other. We would then see each other briefly as I was at cheerleading practice and he was at basketball practice. The next thing I knew, we were texting each other non-stop! I’m still not sure that we officially started dating 🤣

Staci's Proposal in High School

How They Asked

On December 22, 2019, we started our drive to California from Idaho to visit family for Christmas. Long story short(er), there was a big snowstorm through Truckee that we were trying to wait out. Well, the snowstorm continued to grow so we decided to go the long route through Las Vegas. Little did I know that Andrew was dead set on proposing on December 23rd no matter what, despite friends and family telling them to stop to stay the night in Las Vegas. 16 hours later, we finally made it to California at about 4 am.

Before we started our trip, we were planning on going to Yosemite for the day when we got to California. With the long drive we did just that day and with the snow, we decided we probably should not go. (Meaning his proposal plan A was ruined! Oops!) So instead, that evening, we made plans to have dinner and go to Christmas Tree Lane, which is a neighborhood decked out in Christmas lights. Before leaving, Andrew had requested to stop by his mom’s classroom at the high school she teaches at to get the tape to wrap more Christmas gifts. On the way to her classroom, bushes were decorated with Christmas lights and rose petals on the ground. Andrew proposed at the high school where we first met 14 years earlier! Some of our family met us for a surprise dinner to celebrate afterward! We ended the night by enjoying the Christmas lights at Christmas Tree Lane. Although it was his plan B, it was perfect!

Special Thanks

Tori Rich
 | Photographer
Denise Rich
 | Planning