Stacey and Will

How We Met

We met on an online dating site.  I would get aggravated at online dating and get off for a while, then I would try again.  I went back and forth for a while, and one day I got a message from a guy that really peaked my interest.  My profile was goofy, just like me and his message was equally as goofy.  He said he was “very interested” and my email response to him was, “Well hello Mr. Very Interested”.  He said that with that response, he knew he had to meet me!

The first night we spoke on the phone, it lasted from 7 pm to 7 am, and once we met, we were inseparable.

how they asked

One of my best friend’s Paula and I had decided we wanted to scratch an item off our bucket list and go skydiving!  We scheduled it for Mother’s Day weekend and thought it would be a good gift to ourselves since we are both mothers.  We brought along my mom, boyfriend a few of our closest friends for what I thought was moral support.  Little did I know, they were all in on what was going to happen……after the jump!

We were supposed to jump between 2-3 pm, but there was a wind delay that lasted most of the day.  My boyfriend kept going back and forth to the office to “check progress”.  Little did I know he had something up his sleeve, and was worried the wind would prevent it from happening.

After a long wait, the wind calmed down enough for us to jump.  It was nearing sundown which made it absolutely stunning.  The jump was amazing, an experience I will never forget.  Little did I know, was that when I landed, I was in for a huge surprise that would be a perfect ending to an already perfect day…..

After we landed, I was answering questions the videographer was asking me about my jump, when my boyfriend popped out from behind him with a t-shirt on that said “Will You Marry Me?  We had everyone that was there sign the shirt, we dated it, and I can’t wait to frame it with our proposal pics!







Our Video

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