Stacey and Wade

Proposal Ideas Tamarindo, Costa Rica

How We Met

I was meeting my co-workers for drinks after work. One of the servers from my job invited Wade out. I was the last person to arrive so there was only one chair left at the end of the table where Wade sat in front of me. I am extremely shy and horrible at talking to new people, however, I’ve always said that Wade could talk to a wall. He offered to share his giant plate of tots with me (and who could ever say no to tots), and maybe it was a little bit of liquid courage or the fried food but that night we talked until they had to close the bar.

Where to Propose in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We began following each other on social media, I would invite him to come out with us and eventually after a year of having the greatest conversations with him, I learned he thought I was the most beautiful person since that first night we met. After that, I made the first move and now I’m going to be his wife.

How They Asked

My entire family is and still lives in Costa Rica. I was bringing Wade to meet my family, show how beautiful Costa Rica is, and also hoped he would catch on to some Spanish considering he only knew a handful of words. My mother, grandmother, Wade, and I were staying at Tamarindo beach and decided to go watch the sunset. Thankfully I did my make up because I wanted a cute Instagram picture for myself. We were standing on the rocks when Wade suddenly took my hand, got down on one knee, had the most beautiful golden snitch from Harry Potter (we had actually watched The Chamber of Secrets on our first date) as my ring box, and asked me in Spanish ¿Te casarias conmigo?

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