Stacey and Shaun

Proposal Ideas Melbourne star (observation wheel)

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2 years prior to this night we had gone on our first trip together to Melbourne. The trip was perfect! Full of soccer games, site seeing, adventures. The one I loved the most was the Melbourne star wheel but Shaun is afraid of heights so him, not so much. Well, 2 years later we decided to head to Melbourne again because we loved it so much! and this time was full of the same activities music festivals, sport, zoos and of course …. the Melbourne star wheel. I was a little confused when Shaun wanted to go again because i know how uncomfortable the heights made him feel. But he insisted! So off we went. We were lining up and i could see how damn nervous he looked but hey i wanted to see the view from up there again and we had already paid for the tickets. We entered the viewing cabin and it started to climb higher and higher. I was sitting on the seat and noticed Shaun’s nervous leg shake and crossed arms, so I said to him “why don’t you sit down if it’s making you so nervous love”. “Nope” he insisted “I sat down the whole time last time, I’m standing”. Alright, Mr. scaredy cat I thought to myself as we got nearer and nearer to the top.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Melbourne star (observation wheel)

Once at the top, it was just as beautiful as I remembered. It was raining but that didn’t dull any of the bright city lights and incredible view. Shaun placed his hand on my shoulder, i thought he was admiring the view too until he shook me a little. I turned around and there he was down on one knee, tears in his eyes and a massive smile on his face. “Will you marry me?” He asked? I was in shock so silly me kept repeating “oh my god, no, you are not doing this” I had waited over 4 years for this day. 3 and a half years of living together and nearly a year ago i had hinted by showing him the beautiful rose gold ring he held in his hand. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening! “YES” i screamed as i jumped, wrapped my legs around him and hugged him as tight as i could. All that time i thought he was nervous from the heights. Little did I know it was because of the ring in his pocket and the question he was about to pop!