Stacey and Robert

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How We Met

I met my soon to be husband through our younger sisters. Our sisters were best friends all through middle and high school and at some point our paths crossed. We dated for about 4 years while we were in college. Robby decided to end things with me abruptly shortly after I moved home after graduating from college. Our paths crossed again when his daughter started kindergarten at the local elementary school where I taught. It took him most of his daughter’s kindergarten year to get up the nerve to tell me that he was still in love with me.

how they asked

Winter break was coming to an end and our Disney World passes were not blacked out for the last week of our break. I suggested we take a day trip with Jordyn (his daughter) to Epcot. Robby was quick to agree that this sounded like a great idea. He was a little confused as to why I picked Epcot this particular day, rather than Magic Kingdom, so he suggested we go to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon. We woke up somewhat early (not nearly as early as I would have made him leave for a Disney day trip) and headed up to Orlando, which is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live. We arrived at Epcot around lunch time. We went on our Fast Pass rides and met a few characters. Jordyn had a broken wrist so we were trying to have a low key day at the park. When we finished our Fast Pass rides Robby insisted we head over to Magic Kingdom and get a picture in front of the castle. Now this is not something Robby would normally suggest, so the wheels were definitely spinning in my head. I tried to take a picture with the first photographer we came across. He said, “No, there has to be one closer.” I tried to stop at a few more photographers until he finally let me stop at the second closest one to the castle. I think he only agreed because the line for this particular photographer was shorter than the next one. We posed for a few pictures and then Robby dropped to his knee with his daughter, Jordyn, by his side and asked me, “Will you be my wife?” Apparently I paused. I was waiting to see if there was any more to his question. Then I replied with a “Yes!”

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