Stacey and Kawika

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How We Met

I met Kawika about six years ago at a mutual friends birthday party at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and we never stopped talking since then. Three months of dating, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend on August 1, 2011. Throughout these six years we have not only gotten the chance to really know each other, but we have experienced many adventures across the country, accomplishments and pitfalls, and enjoying numerous celebrations of life and love.

how they asked

My family has never been to Oahu, HI before, therefore, Kawika and I wanted to show them this beautiful island. So our family trip was planned for the end of March 2017. Kawika and his family are originally from there and currently still live there. Not only were we happy to be on vacation, but to have both our families together at the same time was amazing. My mother wanted family photos done, so I booked Lisa Rose Photography in January 2017. Little did I know Kawika was in contact with Lisa this whole time, planning the engagement. On March 21, 2017, my family and I were doing the family photoshoot at Lanikuhona Beach. Family photos were completed first, then photos of my parents, my sister and her family, and then pictures of Kawika and I. And then….

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Above is the last photo taken before the proposal. Lisa (our photographer) was so skilled and sneaky, that she had me position to face her the whole time while everyone was in position for the proposal. Lisa told me she wanted me to position for a specific photo, so she stated to turn around on the count of three. Little did I know, 1, 2, 3….lead to I do!

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Special Thanks

Lisa Rose Photography
 | Photographer
Keola Antolin
 | Planning