Stacey and Justin

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How We Met

Where do I begin? It all started at work where Justin used to help me out on my team. We worked well together from the first day as a team and we still do no matter what task is in-front of us. He asked me out on a date and the rest is history. I recall him looking up at me at one of our favorite breakfast places and asking, “hey do you want to do something crazy”? Me being me I was up for anything he said with those blue eyes of his you can just get lost in. He said, “do you want to move to Florida and get a place together”? Without any hesitation, I said yes! Just as I did when he proposed…but we will circle back to that. So, there we were, in just two short months we bought a home together, and in 12 hours, packed up the budget truck from both of our places, said goodbye to our loved ones, and hit the road with no sleep in between. We drove 27 hours straight with multiple hiccups along the way that in any other relationship one may have stabbed the other. But here is the thing with J and me, we just laughed at every obstacle and it was honestly one of the least stressful times in our lives.

We broke down on the side of the Highway in Corbin Kentucky due to a flat tire on the trailer. I will never forget us cracking up laughing at 8 am after driving since midnight the night before, and that wasn’t even the worst of it. When we called the budget service number, they informed us that it would be FOUR hours before anyone could get to us in the middle of JULY. Luckily, I had packed a bottle of red wine (our favorite) for emergency purposes. So, there we were, on the side of the highway drinking red wine on a moving blanket just talking about life and all of our big plans. That was the day he told me that he was going to marry me. Already knowing that the way I felt about him I had never felt, I wanted nothing more than to marry him back. At 3:42 am, we finally arrived at our new home and carried our king size bed up three flights of stairs to sleep. Over the past year, we have faced some obstacles whether it be people at our new place of work accepting us in a relationship (we can be a bit much for some people) or adjusting to being away from close friends and family we love so much.

Countless nights we would just hold each other when the rough times became too much. It was those nights we realized the healing power of being each other’s best friend and rock. Justin has always called me his (family) when referring to us to anyone from the outside and I have always cherished that. I came into this relationship with a lot of emotional baggage and two cats… ha-ha poor J. He has openly adopted my two cats and they love him more than me now. We also adopted a German Shepard Myla and began raising her together, which that alone has been tough to accomplish, but she has brought us closer than we have ever been. Everywhere we go for people that know us they say (can you guys ever not be with each other?) and the answer to that is no, never. Our belief is, you can break anything you want except promises or the heart of one another. The love I have found in this man is too sickening for me to keep talking about. If you are still reading this and haven’t already had to run for the toilet to puke here is our proposal story….

how they asked

It was a hot summer day in June (6-22-18), Justin was acting all nervous and was being very persistent on making it to a sunset on our beach we go to every Saturday (sunset beach). Not that we don’t go from time to time during the weekdays to cure our troubles and relieve stress by watching an ocean sunset listening to the sound of the waves, because we definitely do! Continuing on, he propped his phone up on his flop to get a self-timed photo of the sunset behind us, he took a few pictures of us kissing and then wanted just one more. As I looked out to the sunset he grabbed me by my waist and got down on one knee, I started to ask if this was a joke and he started tearing up (according to him there was sand in his eye.) I broke down and dropped to my knees to meet him on the sand. I could not picture a better more humble, smart, loyal, loving, silly, playful, handsome man to spend forever with. Here is to the next adventure with my best friend! We can’t wait to see all of our loved ones on our special day!

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We can’t wait! 11-10-18 ???