Stacey and Joshua's Proposal in Italy

How We Met: We met in May 23rd of 2013. Both Josh and I had gone on too many bad setups that when this one came around we both said to our mutual friend Michael “No thanks”. Luckily for us, Michael wouldn’t accept our “nos” for an answer and tried two more times to set us before we both agreed to meet each other and we couldn’t be happier that we did because from date one we both knew we had met someone special. I became his Shorty. He became my Boo and thus began our personal fairy tale “The Adventures of Shorty and Boo.”


how they asked: Josh and I were on vacation together in Italy when he popped the question. It was the most romantic, thoughtful, amazing proposal that I still can’t believe was real. We planned a day with a private driver to go touring the country side of Italy in the Tuscan region. Around lunch time, our driver made a suggestion that we go to Castello di Tornano for lunch that had beautiful views overlooking the entire region of Tuscany. When we got there, we were greeted and escorted to our “table” for lunch. I soon found out that this was much more than an ordinary “table” for two! We were taken to a private wine cellar that was filled with romance from the moment we opened the door! The doorway had a path of rose petals that led to a bottle of champagne, a large bouquet of my favorite flowers, an assortment of my favorite assortment of local Italian delicacies, and a sign that read “May The Adventures of Shorty and Boo Continue on FOREVER.”

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