Stacey and Jacob

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How We Met

Casual Dating: It was my last year at Utah State. My sister had moved back East to have her baby, and my Utah friends were all getting married and I was a little lonely. My beautiful college friend Brooke Camille Brooke Camille McCabe suggested I try online dating and that it was really fun! Online dating was still totally creepy at the time and I was really hesitant but I figured if my gorgeous friend Brook could make it cool than maybe it was ok!! haha. So I signed up for LDS mingle. (or did my mom sign me up?! I can’t remember) I figured having a few guys take me to dinner here and there couldn’t be so bad!

I started going on all sorts of dates! I had guys driving from Vernal to Logan…Sandy to Logan.. just to take to me dinner! lol. I liked free food and was amused by all the personalities I was meeting. I liked this dating thing!

On the way back from a date…Jake…also on LDS mingle… called me! I instantly was drawn to him. He was funny, sarcastic, and just 100% himself. He didn’t try to impress me and he was easy to talk to.

After lots of phone calls and Jake not getting the message…. I invited myself to a Korean Celebration he was going to in Bountiful! lol. I was too impatient!!

On the way to the event there was a huge accident on 1-15 that left me at a stand still on the freeway to 90 min!!! I totally missed dinner and was about to miss the celebration too!

I was sweating in my mini skirt and leather seats on my mini cooper and frazzled but when I got out and walked towards him I was just instantly comforted. He smiled at me and we hugged and I was just good!

As we walked into the celebration center he asked me if I had any more gum. I said “oh dang that was my last piece” and he said “it’s ok. I’ll just have half of yours” !!! So I ripped half of my chewed gum out of my mouth and gave it to him. haha. And that’s when I knew he was special! hahaha! Like who does that?!

After the celebration we had dinner downtown Salt Lake at MAcaroni Grill and then watched movies at Jeff and Colleen Mahaffey-Draper place until like 3am!!!

As he brought me back to my car he was so nervous talking about like the weirdest stuff (cause he was totally stalling) and then he asked if he could kiss me! It was adorable!
I couldn’t WAIT to see him next!!


Jake and I started spending almost every weekend together! We would hang with his friends and family all weekend and I would have to force myself to leave and make it back for class on Mondays! (We were 2.5 hrs apart) We totally seemed like boyfriend and girlfriend and then when I tried to “Determine the relationship” he would keep saying “let’s just keep dating other people too”. Oh man. It broke my heart. I just knew I wanted this guy in my life. So… to shield myself I continued to date lots all while dating Jake wishing he would get it together! haha. Funny thing is… he never even dated anyone else!!

I got to spend Thanksgiving with Jake and his family. I think his mom was the one that invited me! ha! Thanks linda!! . It was a great holiday until……… I decided that this carb loving girl needed another dinner roll! So into the kitchen I go to find one, leaving Jake in the living room where we were cuddling. I grab the roll and am talking to everyone seated in the kitchen as I slowly back myself out of the kitchen and into the hallway and leads back to Jake. Except…. I didn’t back into the hallway…. Next to the hallway is the staircase going down into the basement. The staircase that I thought was the hallway. So me, my heels, my skirt and my dinner roll go tumbling down the stairs in the tangled heap at the bottom of the stairs. But guys. I never let go of that dinner roll cause #ilovebread. Jessica Joy Jessica Joy Nelson (14 at the time) yells “Jake…you’re girlfriends at the bottom of the stairs!!!!” hahaaha. I totally twisted my ankle and was like 50 shades of RED! Clearly a holiday…never to be forgotten!! (my students particularly love this part of the story)

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how they asked


Somewhere around January Jake and I started using phrases like “when we….” and knew that he was mine!! But… he still had not yet asked me to be his girlfriend… or said I love you!

So, one weekend in Feb as I was driving down to see him I called my on the way. I said “I think Jake is going to ask me to be his girlfriend this weekend”. And she goes…. “don’t count on it”

When I get to down there Jake tells me he planned a date for us and that we were going to go to dinner the same place we had our first date. I was like…..awe… that’s so cute and didn’t think really anything of it!

I remember Linda Joy Hansen Nelson wanting to take our pictures before we left. Still thought nothing of it!! lol.

We get to dinner and Jake keeps taking phone calls from his friends!! Rude!!! And you all know Jake is like the most chill person ever and he kept talking about how his car was going to get locked in the parking garage if we didn’t hurry. I was like “calm down dude!!” haha and get off your phone!!!

As we are leaving the restaurant in down town salt lake there is a horse drawn carriage approaching us. The driver says “Are you Jake?” and then I realized he had PLANNED this!! I was impressed!!!!! Still oblivious!

We are riding around Temple Square in the carriage, getting cozy and enjoying the whole thing when a truck goes FLYING past us and then slams on the breaks right next to the carriage. There are a ton of people in the back of this truck and they are all scrambling around. It dawns on me…. Hey… those are all of Jake’s high school best friends!!! Then…they hold up a big sign! On the sign it reads “STACEY I LOVE YOU! WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?!” Oh my gosh I was dying. Finally Jake said he loved me, and asked me to be his girlfriend and boys made a poster!! It was like a dream!!

The boys speed off in the truck and we continue on our ride. Jake tells the driver to let us off near once of the entrances into temple square grounds. We start walking around and there is really no one there. We come up to the Reflecting pond. It’s a man made pond directly in front of the temple. It’s peaceful. I’m happy. I sit in the ledge to just take in the evening. Jake is taking pictures of the temple and me.

Suddenly he says… “what’s that in the water?!” I turn around and in the pond is a little remote control boat. I’m so confused by this. Who left a boat in the reflecting pond and is a boat even allowed to be in the reflecting pond?!! Then the boat starts to move closer and closer to us. But who is controling the boat?! It felt like slow motion. I was soo confused and trying to figure out what the heck was going on. There is no one around!! As the boat gets closer and closer, I see it!!! There is a little box strapped to the back of that box!!!! I’m thinking NO WAY!! That CAN NOT be what I think it is!!!

The boat is right in front of me and Jake with a huge smile on his face tells me to grab the boat. I take it out of the water and open the box and there is a diamond ring in that box! Jake is now down on one knee telling me how much he loves me and asks me to marry him! Of course I said yes! YES YES YES!!

I find out his friends Tyler Frazier, Jeff Draper, Devin Lethbridge, Trent Hickman Mike Johnson are all hiding around the pond trying to maneuver the boat and helping to mastermind the best night of my life! Jessica Mace Vandenberghe was off in the distance taking pictures. I just appreciate them so much in making it special.

No one every tricks me! I was Jake’s girlfriend for all of 15 min!!! haha!! It was seriously the best! I called my mom and best friend Melissa Hinesright away (who knew the whole time)!

It’s just the best story and if you made it this far then wow! Hope you had a snack! Love my life and my hubby Jacob Hyrum Nelson and that night was such a great precursor to all the wonderful moments we’ve shared together since!

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