Stacey and DJ


How We Met

DJ and I met in Junior High, when he lent me his sweatshirt in math class to tie around my waist to hide me from embarrassment because of the big rip I had gotten in the back of my jeans! He was so sweet, and it’s my favorite part of our story to tell! That was really the only time we spoke at that time, as we didn’t hangout in the same group of friends. One day after school in Junior year of high school, I saw DJ leave the wrestling locker room. I remember thinking to myself how much he grew up, and how handsome he was, and how I NEEDED to go out with him. From that point on I was determined to get his attention.

My best friend shared a class with him, and we developed a plan to have her text me from his phone as a “joke”, this way, he’d have my number. Well, she did, and he totally did not catch on. We continued to do a few similar things like that throughout the year, but he just did not catch on (He tells me that he couldn’t believe that I’d ever want to talk to him, but I think he was trying to run far, far away from me, haha) Finally, a few months into senior year, mutual friends of ours told him straight out that I had the BIGGEST crush on him, and he called me one random night and asked if I’d ever like to hangout with him. We hung out for months, then finally on Valentines day Senior year of high school – I TOLD him that he was going to be my boyfriend in a card that I stuck in his locker LOL, and it’s been history ever since!


how they asked

After dating for over 7 years, the talk of marriage of course came up a lot. We both knew that we found our soul mate, and there wasn’t a question as to whether or not we wanted to get married. The only thing was timing. Well, after I graduated school and had a full time job for over year, and DJ was already settled in his career path, I prayed that it would be coming soon. Every time “the talk” came up over the past year came up, he would convince me that it wasn’t going to happen for AT LEAST another 2 years because he wanted to be more established.

One random Saturday, he suggested that we finally go to the local Arboretum I’ve been talking about visiting. We walked along the river path, overlooking the river and beautiful scenery and just talked about “life”. Our schedules are opposite, so just being able to spend an afternoon with him in a beautiful garden was exciting for me. We finally past a big field, where there were people picnicking, and strolling along. DJ randomly said “This would be a great place for a picture!”

Side Note: I thought that was weird because he is the last person to suggest a photo op. Anyway, he asked a stranger strolling by with his family to take a picture of us. Poor guy, he had no idea that he was going to have the pressure of capturing the perfect moment! Mid photo, DJ got on one knee and pulled out my dream ring.

As soon as he did, I started balling my eyes out, uncontrollably. I must have been standing there sobbing for at least 5 minutes because when I finally stopped I said, “WELL ARE YOU GOING TO ASK ME!?” And he responded something along the lines of “I DID BUT YOU DIDN’T HEAR OVER YOUR BLUBBERING”. I still crack up thinking back on it. It was just so typical of us – and it was perfect. We were so excited and in shock that we were finally engaged, we spent all day tracking down our family to tell them in person!



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