Stacey and David

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How We Met

David and I met nearly 8 years ago after I had graduated nursing school from the University of Florida and he had just completed his first year of medical school. Like the typical college town story, of course this was at a bar! We had both been hurt in the past from relationships and were not looking for anything serious. That friendship, as it oftentimes does, quickly turned into something more and a relationship developed. We eventually moved in together and adopted our feline fur-baby, Jack (named after the swashbuckling Disney pirate, Jack Sparrow). Fast forward to 7 years later when I was soundly into my nursing career and him into his surgical training; we continued to be excited for our future together.

how they asked

As Florida residents, we decided it’d be fun to have annual passes to Disney World, and as our friends know, we’re Disney fanatics! Any Disney enthusiast knows how difficult it can be to get dinner reservations at Cinderella’s Castle, but I snagged them 7 months in advance. David had other plans for that day though! The humidity in Florida makes for really hot theme park days, but in March it’s pretty nice, so David had suggested we get the photo pass package for the day to finally get some “good” pictures of us. I should’ve known that something was up! We had such a fun day in the park and then made our way over to the castle for dinner. We even got a table next to the window which was perfect for firework viewing–should’ve been clue #2! I felt like a giddy child as my favorite princesses circled the room for photo ops!

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As our meal finished and the fireworks came to a close, the waitress brought over a silver platter with a glass slipper upon a bed of rose petals. Before I was able to catch on to what was going on, David knelt down next to my chair and asked me to marry him. Because of my complete surprise and the audience in the ballroom, I had to be reminded to say yes! The ballroom guests applauded as the ring was placed on my finger and we spent the rest of our dinner sipping champagne and even being greeted by Cinderella herself to congratulate us (who by the way, has two sisters looking for husbands!). For the kids at heart that we are, this Disney proposal proved that dreams really do come true!

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