Stacey and Chad

How We Met

Image 1 of Stacey and Chad

Chad and I first met at Varsity College in Pietermaritzburg on the 28th of January 2008. We were introduced by a mutual friend. Chad was in 2nd year at the time and I was in my 1st year. That night we ended up at the same club and obviously recognised each other from our meeting during the day. We hit-it off and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

The morning of my proposal (which I was completely unaware of) started out with Chad and I watching rugby at a local school that my brother’s attend in Pietermaritzburg. After the main game, Chad was apparently off to play a round of golf with his mates and I was off to spend the day with my family at home. Little did I know, all our close friends and family were busy setting up for the proposal which required 3 weeks of practicing and co-ordination!! My mom managed to come up with a story as to why we were going out for the afternoon – we were going to have afternoon tea with the family and enjoy the outdoors! As you will see from the video, my brothers persuaded me to get into the back of the SUV to look for birds while we drove. I was still unaware of the most amazing surprise awaiting me…

The car stopped and out jumped my mom from the front seat, Ben Haenow’s “‘Something I need” was then put on and so the most romantic proposal started… I was completely overwhelmed with tears and smiles of happiness and excitement and couldn’t wait to see my Prince Charming. I was whisked off in another vehicle which drove me into Queen Elizabeth Park where I was met by my Chad with a picnic and of course the gorgeous ring!!! I was so very happy and still get butterflies watching the video and hearing the song! I am so lucky to have such a special group of friends and family who will all involved in the planning and did not give anything away!!! After our picnic we went back to my mom’s house where all the family and friends who were involved were waiting for us. We celebrated the night away with champagne and a delicious supper!

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