Stacey and Brian

How We Met: We both worked at FedEx together and made a awesome friendship that lead to a relationship…and now engagement!

Image 1 of Stacey and Brian

how they asked: I proposed to Stacey at Ludington State Park in front of the Big Sable Lighthouse after a cold wintery hike through the snow! We walked 1 mile through knee deep snow! After crawling on our hands and knees and sweating in the freezing tempters we decided to see if the hike would be easier along the shore line. So we hiked over the sand dunes and found hard pack/icy sand which was great for walking on! We walked another 1/2 mile to the lighthouse where we had some hot cocoa. I then told her I wanted to take a picture of us in front of the lighthouse. I set up 2 cameras, one was set to take a picture every 1 second and one was taking video (she didn’t know that). Then when the moment was right I popped the question, She said Yes!

Here is the movie I made using my GoPro:

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Image 2 of Stacey and BrianImage 3 of Stacey and Brian