Stacey and Abigail

How They Asked: I am the one on the left :). My love and I are not perfect by any means. The day I realized I wanted her and only her by my side in any circumstance was the same day I made up my mind about forever. So to no regard to price I purchased a ring and set out to plan a proposal that would show my Princess how Truly special she is. The day her ring arrived in the mail was the same day the Law for Marriage equality passed.

Image 1 of Stacey and Abigail

I took it as a sign to move forward. I just didn’t have a Venue to propose. I had looked into various beaches, hotels, restaurants, yet nothing seemed right. One day while at work (I work in hotel) A wonderful women came by to let us know about her ballooning company! Need I say more. She was so helpful setting me up with an experience of a life time just perfect to propose. Even better they offered a Post flight champagne breakfast at the Domaine Chandon Winery to celebrate!! It was Beautiful!!! A HUUUUGE THANKS to Susan at Napa Valley Balloons for the set up.

No matter what happens I’ll hold your hand through it all. I hope you know I’ll always be next to you. I love you Stacey Roxanna Ramirez. You’re beautiful outside as well as inside, and I can wait to experience our whole lives together, lets slow cruise through life with the oldies blasting my sweet.