A Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Proposal

Image 7 of A Sprinkles Cupcake ATM ProposalHow we met: Adria and I met at a party through some mutual friends back in 2003. We didn’t start dating until December of 2010, but we had always managed to stay in touch during the time in between. There was a particular evening about a month before we started dating where Adria was having a really rough night. I had just wrapped up a 12-hour shift but I decided to buy some cupcakes and surprise her with it to cheer her up. She was very surprised to see me with cupcakes in hand especially because at the time, she lived approximately 100 miles away from me. It wasn’t long after that, we started dating and we were both making that drive!

How I Asked: After 2 years of dating, we talked about getting married. Adria found a very unique ring with a bow design that she completely fell in love with. The design turned out to be very challenging to find but she was set on it. So we started looking together and finally managed to locate the Jewelers of Las Vegas who was able to special order the ring for us! The problem now was that since we picked out the ring together, Adria knew it was only a matter of time before the proposal, she just didn’t know when (although she hadn’t seen the actual ring).

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We both had some time off of work coming up and thought it would be nice to get away. While it was pretty obvious I would ask on this trip, I still wanted it to be special and a surprise element to it. I decided instead of having the engagement focused on one night, I would turn this week into an engagement trip. It would be filled with so many surprises it could happen at any time. But what were we going to do?

We were watching TV one night a few weeks back and the actress on TV said she wanted fireworks, helicopters, and flowers when her boyfriend asks her. Adria looked at me and jokingly said she wanted all that when I asked too. I just laughed and said, where am I going to find you fireworks in the middle of the year and a helicopter?? But then the idea got stuck in my head and I couldn’t shake it off.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and like to say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing”. So I came up with the following plan, all of which was a surprise to her.

On Friday, we would have dinner at Benihana, one of the restaurants we went to on our first couple of dates, we would fly to Las Vegas on Saturday and stay at a suite at the Four Seasons, drive a Lamborghini, and watch a Cirque Du Soleil show. On Sunday, it was off to the Spa to get massages and take a nighttime Helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip.Image 1 of A Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Proposal

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That night after the helicopter, Adria got a call from Mickey and Minnie that they were waiting for her at Disneyland (one of her favorite places to go). So, Monday night we watched fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s castle and spent the next several days at Disneyland.

Since cupcakes play such a big role in our relationship (and since she just really likes them), I knew she would ask if we could stop by Sprinkles Cupcakes and use the new Cupcake ATM in Beverley Hills while we were in LA. So ahead of time, I called them up and pitched an idea to their VP of Marketing, Nicole. She loved it and together we began planning a way to insert a ring into a box that would eventually come out of the Cupcake ATM for Adria. Nicole was so kind to plan this with me – even coordinated how we could capture it too!

So, the day came and, as I predicted, Adria asked if we could go to Sprinkles (all her idea). First, we got Sprinkles Ice Cream and sat down to eat it. We decided to use the Cupcake ATM before we left and I was getting so nervous!

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You can see how it turned out in the video…

Since then, every time we are near a Cupcake ATM, we have to use it because Adria jokes that matching earrings might show up in one of the boxes! I might be calling Nicole on my next anniversary.

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Video by the Sprinkles team // Engagement photos by Ambient Leaf Photography