You've Seen this Image a Thousand Times, Now here's How the Splash Mountain Marriage Proposal Actually Happened

splash mountain marriage proposal idea_proposal3How we met: Michael & I actually met in 2006 when we were both sophomores in high school. We were classmates, and that’s how we became good friends. I always thought he was one of the funniest guys to be around – he was “a class clown”. We remained friends and kept in touch, but it wasn’t until 2011 when we actually became closer than ever and had the time of our lives, while still only remaining great friends.

In 2012 though, we both developed something we never would have expected, and feelings that we couldn’t explain. We kept things private, but started dating shortly after. We’ve had an amazing relationship, because of the friendship we had already created, we both probably know ‘too much about each other’ but I wouldn’t change a thing about us. Years back, I would’ve never picture myself with him, and we both think the same; we can’t believe we were so closed to each other, and never imagined would be so perfect for one another. We’re both very humorous people, and are constantly laughing, it’s incredible how much we think alike, share the same plans & goals – it’s just hard not to love everything about each other. He has added so much happiness to my life, & I couldn’t be happier to soon be his wife!

how they asked: Michael and his family are “Disney Freaks” as he describes it, so I knew about a Disneyworld trip they had planned, and he really wanted me come. His whole family was going to travel and be there, so he wanted me to be a part of it. We traveled separately, and he got there a day later, but I remember the night he got there he was sweeter than ever, and kept showing me so much more affection.

The next day (day 1 at the park), we all got there and were walking towards our first ride. Michael offered to get ice cream, and so we did, then we suddenly realized we had ”lost his family” (which was really the time they used to plan & prepare things while Michael was with me). After a while of attempting to find them he finally got the call, that they were waiting for us at Splash Mountain. I’m terrified of rides, but was literally forced to ride & sit at the very front with Michael & Kaylee (his daughter).

The family took up a whole ride to ourselves, as everybody wanted to be part of it. I didn’t even realize what was about to happen even though everybody behind was totally ready for it!

So, as we know, these rides take a photo of you while you’re up there. They all told me to smile on that ride for when it was taken, but I obviously didn’t listen, I was frightened! When we got off the ride, I rushed to wait for our photo to be posted on the screens but everyone stayed behind, and, to my surprise, what the camera had captured is what would change me then for the rest of my life.

splash mountain marriage proposal idea_ RedoOn the photo on the screen, his family was holding the “Will you Marry Me” sign, and I didn’t quite get it immediately, but then turned around, and saw him down on one knee with my
beautiful ring. I froze for minutes!

splash mountain marriage proposal idea_4

I couldn’t move or speak! I couldn’t believe what was happening!

This is a moment most women dream of their whole lives, and it was happening to me right then and there! There were so many great emotions going through my heart and mind that I can’t even explain!

Everyone that’s been through this moment knows that you really have no words to say what you feel then. I  said “Yes”!  and so far yet, it’s still the happiest moment of my life!

Disney really became the “happiest place on earth” for me and I can’t thank him enough for such a unique, creative, and (in my opinion) the best proposal, and most of all, for making me the happiest woman alive.

splash mountain marriage proposal idea_proposal2

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