Spenser and Jamie

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How We Met


In 2007, Jamie and I met through mutual friends in high school. Quickly, we became friends and spent time getting to know each other. As time went on we found out that we wanted to no longer be friends and began dating. Our relationship has seen many trials and tribulations throughout the years but the one thing we know is true, is that we are strong together and we fight for those that we love. Starting out a relationship and carrying it straight through separate colleges and never growing apart is something to be proud of. After graduating college, I went back to school for my nursing degree and Jamie began work as an accountant. Throughout the stressful times in school he was my rock and support system. I knew that if I could only finish my degree and start working we would be able to start our life together. My dream is finally came true in 2015. I started my career as a nurse and Jamie was continuing his career as an accountant. I knew now was the perfect time to start another chapter together. Our journey has been a long joyful road but it was something that was never rushed. The best part of our storybook together is yet to come and I am looking forward to every minute of it.

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how they asked

Mystic, Connecticut is the most beautiful small seaside New England town. Jamie and I love to walk about the town and try out new places to eat, drink, and shop. He asked me to take a drive to visit a vineyard in the area. As a couple we love to travel and try new things, so there was nothing unusal about spending a day in Mystic. As we walked around the town we made a stop on the boardwalk by the water. In this part of town Jamie and I have stopped many times to take in the beautiful scenery. This day would turn out to be different. In our usual spot he stopped me dead in my tracks and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. This turned out to be the best moment in my life. Little did I know that my whole family was involved. Jamie not only asked my parents permission but my grandfather and brother as well. My mother was involved in the proposal by hiding and taking pictures of every moment leading up to and after the proposal. Awaiting for me at my favorite restaurant was both our families. Together we were able to celebrate the most special day. The memories and pictures will last me a lifetime. After this day an even bigger piece of my heart will forever be in Mystic.

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