Courtney and Spencer

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How We Met

We first met in 7th grade he was kind of a bully to me all throughout school so I never thought twice about him (not knowing at that age this was flirting) we both went through school and never dated or really talked, after graduation I went off and did my own thing and so did he. We connected after a couple of years and talked on and off as friends for quite some time. Late night phone calls and sweet good morning texts went on and on and then finally I started to wonder if this would ever turn into something. Well after one of our conversations with him explaining he has always had a crush for me and that he was coming over to my house in a trench coat and boots with a boom box on his head playing Peter Gabriel your eyes outside my window really set it for me.

I was maybe 12 in my cousins wedding when I had first heard this song and I’ve never forgotten the song it has always held a special meaning in my heart and no one that I have ever dated really heard of Peter Gabriel. We didn’t go on a date right away we actually hung out like the old high school days and had a blast, no one has ever made me laugh so hard in my life. After maybe 2 weeks of hanging out and being crazy in love (like the movie The Notebook kind) that was it for the both of us. We both just knew, and it didn’t take long at all.

how they asked

We had talked about getting married one day but we were not in any rush, so I wasn’t expecting anything to happen anytime soon. We took a family vacation to Hawaii, which I had not been to yet, we stayed at the Disney Resort Aulani on Oahu. We got there on a Thursday and Sunday was the day which I had absolutely no idea because it was family pictures with a photographer. So I had got ready, curled my hair and one of his sisters did my makeup not thinking anything of it, wore a sundress and went barefoot. It was a little stormy out but it’s Hawaii so it was so warm! The family got together to do a group picture first and then they were doing couples by themselves. Well we were first. So we start posing and smiling and then he turns to me gives me a kiss and said oh and one more thing…I was like what do you mean? I’m so confused.

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He then drops to one knee and pulls out this black box and asked me to marry him. Little did I know thee entire family knew the entire time being in Hawaii and even before that. The photographer was hired for the engagement. I was a little shocked you can say the picture below says my expression. :)

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