Spencer and Torre

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How We Met

Torre and I met two and a half years ago at a time when I was ready to give up hope that I’d ever find the right girl. We matched on–yes–Tinder, in what I told myself was the LAST time I would meet up with a girl through the app. I’d had a bad breakup two years earlier, and had since gone on dud first date after dud first date–so you could say that I was really losing faith at 29. We spoke for a while through the app and it was Torre who gave me her number and scheduled our date. I figured it was an excuse to grab a beer on a Tuesday, and promised myself this would be the last shot.
When Torre walked in, I had my head turned watching hockey, so I didn’t see her until she was standing right next to me at the bar.

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To this day, I am so thankful the Red Wings were playing, because the moment of surprise and a little bit of awe when I saw her for the first time will be with me always. We sat at the bar for two and a half hours, talking through all things University of Michigan (our Alma Mater, although at different times), sports, and future aspirations. I was trying so hard not to get too excited, but I was definitely already planning our next date when we said goodbye that night. As a side note–Torre didn’t think I liked her after our first date. She tells me all the time how she was sure she’d never hear from me again.

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The second date went largely like the first with the added bonus of a first kiss. It was the third date, though, that things changed for me. Torre came to visit me where I was wrapping up law school. She texted that she was downstairs and, as I was heading to open the front door for her, I could feel an insane excitement rising in me. When I opened the door and saw her, I knew this was it for me. We spent the whole weekend together Christmas shopping, cooking, and getting to know one another. By the time she left, I was calling my brother and my mom with a stupid grin on my face, exclaiming that I’d found my girl.

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how they asked

About six months into dating, I started saving for a ring. Torre would drop small hints from time to time about her ring preferences, so I had something to go from. I was out to lunch with my grandma when I saw a jewelry store and stopped in just to check some of the rings out–I definitely didn’t anticipate buying the ring that day. Once I had everything finalized, I called Torre’s mom and asked to take her and Torre’s dad out to dinner. Luckily, Torre was traveling for work, so I didn’t have to worry about any questions (she’s very intuitive and would have asked 304098 questions). I asked for her parents’ blessing and then started trying to plan a proposal she deserved.

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Our families had been going on Memorial Day weekend vacations at Michigan beach towns together for the past two years. We’d mentioned the previous year the possibility of going to visit my aunt and uncle in Durango, Colorado for the next vacation. I reached out to them, got the OK, and started planning right away, trying my best not to seem too excited. Our families got out to Colorado on Friday, went to bed pretty early, and were driving to the mountain first thing Saturday. I was insanely nervous but blamed altitude sickness when she asked me why I was so jittery. Our group hiked about halfway until we got to Taylor Lake–a place my uncle had mentioned might be a good proposal spot, and, serendipitously, the name of the town where Torre’s grandparents used to live.

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We were taking pictures of all the views and I handed my brother my camera and asked if he would take a picture of us. While she was turned around, fussing about which backdrop to have in our photo, I dropped to one knee. Neither of us remembers what I said–there were tears, some lost breath (probably altitude-related more than anything), and lots of hugs and kisses.

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We uncorked some wine we’d brought, took photo after photo, and then finished our hike as fiances.

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