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How We Met

Steve and I met in 2012 when he and a mutual friend created a clothing company and the mutual friend asked if I’d like to model their new products. I, of course, was totally stoked to help them out! Steve was out on tour at the time and when he got back into town he invited me out for a drink to properly thank me. We hit it off immediately but due to his very busy touring schedule we remained friends and in contact for about 2 years and reconnected once his band decided to stop touring. We picked up right where we left off and officially became a couple at the beginning of 2015. Since then we have traveled, created a home together and are even planning a move across the country. But in November, Steve has unfortunately diagnosed with stage 3 gastric adenocarcinoma and had to undergo a very intense surgery where his stomach was completely removed. Since then he has gone through 2 rounds of chemotherapy, 28 days of radiation and has 2 more rounds of chemotherapy left. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least. But going these extremely hard times with him have made it even more clear that I want to spend the rest of existence with him.

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Steve had an inquiry to film a wedding in Hawaii, and it just so happened to turn out that the bride was a friend of mine from my hometown. When I found out it was in Hawaii I had to tag along, and we decided to create a little vacation out of it! It also turned out that my best friend, Autumn, was going to be the photographer for the wedding so she, her husband Mike, Steve and I had a continuous 5-day double date. We had a free day before the wedding and Steve had planned a hike for all of us, but because the weather on the side of the island where we were staying wasn’t typical sunny Hawaii we decided to drive over to Waikiki to see if the sun would make an appearance for us, which it did (yay)! So, of course, I wanted to take advantage of the sun and hit the beach! Autumn, being in on the plan, tried her hardest to subtly push the hike but I was dead set on getting some sun on my face and salt in my hair. This put a wrench in Steve’s original plan and he had to pull an audible. We had been hanging by the pool at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Autumn had noticed there was a catamaran sunset booze cruise 50 yards from us and offered the idea to Steve. He mentioned the idea to me and thankfully I was onboard (pun intended), who wouldn’t want to sip $2 Mai-tai’s in the Pacific Ocean?!

Spencer and Steven's Engagement in Waikiki, Hawaii

Unknowingly, Steve called ahead and let captain Jay know of his secret plan. Getting slightly splashed while boarding the boat we found ourselves a dry seat by the side railing. Thirty minutes later, the motor and music came to a halt and Steve asked if I wanted to move to the back of the boat to take a photo. And if I’m being honest I was pretty comfortable where I was at. Once I got back there Steve came over with a can of my favorite bubbly, babe rosé, and pointed out to me that the label looked a little different.

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I spun the can around and where it would typically say “babe rosé” it said “babe will you marry mé?” By the time I had a chance to process everything I looked up at him and he was down on one knee! I could try to tell you what I remember saying but I feel these beautiful photos that Autumn captured says it all. February 25th, 2018 was the most perfectly imperfect day of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

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