Sarah and Spencer


How We Met

Sarah and I have known each other since 2010. We first met when her family began attending the church that my dad pastors.  For three years we knew each other as friends in our youth group.  But as time passed and we became committed to our faith and church, there was a growing affection in my heart for Sarah. The summer of 2013 is when I first confessed how I felt towards her. We were sitting in her car, parked at a local school.  She felt the same way. I remember telling her, “Let’s not overthink this. We don’t have to try to ‘be’ anything. Let’s just get to know each other more.” We were in agreement. Ever since that moment, I’ve been getting to know Sarah more and more, and it never gets old. Three years of amazing memories have passed and the more I have gotten to know Sarah, the more I have fallen in love with her. Together, we’ve been through a lot. Lots of laughter and lots of tears. Lots of hurts and pains. Lots of transparency and vulnerability. Thats life!

She knows me more than anyone. It was this girl that I first told some of the deepest and personal things about myself. We’ve walked through family issues together. We’ve been through a summer of long-distance relationship, when I lived in Miami with my brother and she stayed at home in Canada. We’ve been through the latter parts of high school, and the crazy transitions into adulthood and university. We’ve learned how to prioritize one another within the craziness and the busyness of life. I’ve made many mistakes along the way, and so has Sarah. We will both make many more mistakes It hasn’t all been perfect, but it has definitely been worth it. But I am so in love with this girl I can’t wait to call her my wife. Now, we both are studying to be pastors.  We serve alongside each other week in and week out as leaders in the same youth group where we met. Every week we get to do what we love, helping youth in their faith journey. Our faith in Christ brought us together, and that same faith is what our marriage will be built on.


how they asked

For many years I have written and performed spoken word poetry.  When it came to a proposal, I always knew I wanted it to be special, but I also wanted it to be true to who I was.  So I wrote Sarah a spoken word poem.  The end had me on one knee asking her to be my wife.  But how did I make it happen? First I wrote the poem. Check.  Then I got people very close to her on board.  Check.  I told Pastor Justin, the Worship and Creative Pastor at our church, that I was going to tell Sarah a little white lie; that I was asked by him to perform a spoken word poem for our upcoming Easter Service at the church.  It was perfect.  Two months out I casually mentioned this to Sarah. She filed the information away mentally without further thought.  As the day approached closer and closer I would casually mention how the “practice” and “preparation” for this Easter Sunday performance was coming along. Sarah thought nothing of it. Check.

So what was the plan? On the Saturday BEFORE the Easter Service, I told Sarah I had a tech rehearsal for the poem.   She was originally scheduled to work, and I told her that I would pick her up after the rehearsal. Little did she know that this “rehearsal” would be where I would ask her the big question. Sarah’s mom had it arranged that Sarah wouldn’t have to work, and that Friday she got a call from her boss telling her there was a “mistake” on the schedule, and that she didn’t have to work anymore. SURPRISE. Check.  I suggested she join me at the tech rehearsal so that we could hangout for a longer time on Saturday. The plan was in place. I would hangout with her for  a few hours like any other Saturday, and we would quickly go to the church for the tech rehearsal together. Sarah had no idea. From her perspective, we’d be in and out of the church before we knew it!

When we got to the church, I went to the sound board, hooked up my microphone, and approached the stage. Sarah took a seat in the pews next to Pastor Justin’s wife and daughter, Ellie.  She wasn’t even paying attention to what I was doing until I told Justin that I was ready for the first run-through.  The music started, and I darted off the stage to take Sarah’s hand. She was super confused, but before long it clicked as to what was happening. I stood across from her seated on the stage, and shared with her the poem I had written, outlining our relationship and my love for her. At the end, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.


Thankfully, she said YES! We now look forward to getting married this coming May, in 2017



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