Spencer and Ryan

how we met

Ryan and I met at Chapman University. I was running late for class when i saw him standing talking with a sorority sister of mine. From the moment i saw him i just knew i had to meet him, so i walked right over and introduced myself. it clearly worked out for me being so bold! From his perspective: When I saw Spenc walk up to me for some reason I kept thinking that there was no way that this girl wants anything to do with me and when she introduced herself I’m pretty sure I sounded a little moronic with how in shock I was. I knew that she was someone special the moment I met her, and she just keeps surprising me every day with just how right my first instinct was.

how they asked

Ryan proposed to me at the exact spot where we first met on Chapman’s campus. He got my family involved in this elaborate lie to get me to campus at the perfect moment. The proposal was all I ever wanted, after which I made him race us back to my moms house to share the news with my family and thats where it got even better. he had planned our entire engagement party! surprise! everyone i loved was right there ready to celebrate, including the taco man, it was a perfect party to cap of the perfect proposal.

Special Thanks