Spencer and Katrine; Engaged at the Zoo

How We Met: Spencer and I met when I was a junior in high school. I was hanging out with Spencer’s best friend and he was with his girlfriend of a couple years. Of course, as a group we all hung out and joked around. His best friend and I didn’t hang out that much longer so Spencer and I didn’t really hang out again. Three years later after I had moved two hours away, I posted on facebook that I was hungry and Spencer responded. We eventually started commenting on each other’s statuses and messaging back and forth which slowly turned into texting a lot. He soon decided to drive down to see me and buy me dinner! We couldn’t really separate after that!

how they asked: I’m obsessed with elephants. I have elephant things in my apartment and shirts and jewelry. I love them. Well Spencer told me he had a Saturday off and I suggested that we go to the zoo. I also suggested that he invite his sister, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend, Josh. So we all went to the zoo and had a grand ole time feeding giraffes and watching the dolphin show. I loved every minute of it. As we were walking out the exit of the zoo, Spencer said, “hey let’s check out this building.” So we all paraded to this building and walked inside. He told the lady at the reception desk who he was and she gave him some papers and we all signed a waiver. I had no clue what we were doing. The lady then came around and asked me to follow her to a room to pick out a canvas. I picked out one and all the strings came together. An elephant was going to paint a canvas for me. I was SOO excited! Spencer said, “Surprise!” I couldn’t believe it.We all walked to the elephant area where the elephant was ready and waiting for us to come so she could paint. I picked out colors that would match my living room and we all watched her paint an amazing elephant canvas. I was ecstatic.

Image 1 of Spencer and Katrine; Engaged at the Zoo

I just had my favorite animal paint me a picture. When she was done Spencer and I went up to the elephant to get our picture taken. I saw Spencer move in the corner of my eye when I was holding the canvas. I looked to him and he had dropped to his knee. “Katrine, will you marry me?” I was so surprised. So many emotions leapt through my mind and my body and I couldn’t fathom what was happening. “Yes! Yes!!” I nodded my head enthusiastically. Image 2 of Spencer and Katrine; Engaged at the Zoo

The zookeeper took my canvas and I leaned down and hugged him and kissed him. It was wonderful. I really thought that I had planned the zoo and invited his sister and her boyfriend. Apparently that was planned months before and I conveniently wanted to go to the zoo. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.

Image 3 of Spencer and Katrine; Engaged at the Zoo