Courtney and Spencer

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How We Met

I met Spencer in 6th grade in our homeroom class. We became the best of friends and we were so sad to go to different middle schools at the end of the year. We rekindled our friendship as freshmen in high school and spent a lot of our time together all the way through. Our senior year we started dating and the rest is history! We were lucky enough to both end up at the University of Cincinnati and continue to date throughout college.

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how they asked

Spencer and I went home for the weekend to Columbus to visit our families. On Saturday, I thought Spencer was going to Cleveland to visit some out of town family but he had something else in store. His mom came to my front door with a rose in her hand and a letter from Spencer. The letter explained that Spencer wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that this day was dedicated to me and our proposal and it would include a scavenger hunt!

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The whole day was going to be full of surprises just as Spencer had always dreamed it would be for me! My mom, sister, and Spencer’s mom all got in the car and followed my first clue which led me to my favorite coffee shop at home. With my best friend from high school with a rose and another poem standing inside! I was so overjoyed with what this day would hold! After enjoying our coffee, Emily’s clue led me to one of my favorite restaurants. When we got to the table my two college roommates were there waiting! I cannot even explain how loved I felt by Spencer and for making sure all of my best friends could experience this day with me.

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After lunch another one of my best friends from high school FaceTimed me from Michigan where she is in grad school and gave me the next clue which was to go get our nails done!

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We all got our nails done and then my sister gave me the next clue which was to go to the mall and pick out any dress that I wanted for our engagement. We found the perfect dress and then another great friend FaceTimed me from Kansas City and told me to go home and get ready for the night! My sister did my makeup and we all got ready.

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The next clue was to go to the place where we first met which was the sixth grade building. When we got there my homeroom teacher was there to open the door! She led me to the hallway where Spencer and I met and there he was with roses walking towards me. I was speechless. He had tears streaming down his face and that is where he asked me to be his wife!

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All of our friends and family were there watching and taking pictures and giving out hugs after the proposal. We got to celebrate by going to dinner after with everyone. This day was more than I ever could have imagined and I am so glad that so many people that I love got to experience it with us!!

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