Sorina and Johny

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How We Met

When I was 14 years old, there was this really cute boy that was attending the same church I went too. I thought he was so cute, I would pray that somehow he I can end up with him! My chances were very slim since every girl liked him and had crushed on him! Well, little do you know at the age of 15 he started to like me and he asked me to be his girlfriend on new years day! This was 5 years ago! He also gave me a promise ring as a promise that one day he will marry me!

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how they asked

It was my best friends birthday 1 week ago, and we had planned a day where we were all free, and able to grab coffee together and go on a walk to the beach to grab some pictures! May 22nd was the day we had planned! I get a text from my friend letting me know to dress cute because we are taking pictures! That day it ended up being chilly here in Chicago, so I ended up wearing jeans instead of a dress that they all choose to wear. Now I know why!

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We get to the coffee place and my friend made me go put together a bouquet of flowers with her that she had just bought from the market! She told me they were for my friends birthday, but they were mine! Anyway, since it was cold I told them that I would not want to go to the beach because I would be freezing and hungry. She insisted that we go since it was a far drive from her house to the beach! I gave in and went! We walk by the beach and snap a few pictures.

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We keep on walking and shes like “oh look! There’s a cool path we can go on and take pictures!” I was so cold but at that point, my body went numb and went along with them. As we walk there was a bridge in front of me and since it was arched I could not see so much into it! While I keep on walking I see rose petals on the floor and the head of a man that looked oh so cute! At that point my friends were so excited for me they forgot to press record, but at least we grabbed a bunch of pictures! As I’m walking towards him I start crying and laughing at the same time since it was so unexpected! And of course, I said YES!!! It was so beautifully planned and done I am still in awe!

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