Soraya and Juan

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How We Met

I am an Expat girl who studied in Ecuador at the time, I met him at my first day at work, he was a senior consultant in the firm I was hired, and I was a really nervous and excited about everything, being a new joiner and all!, He helped me throughout the entire training experience, and I fell in love with him because I have never met anybody more kind, trustworthy and sweet. The whole relationship felt like a dream, but the real love proof came when I graduated and had to go back to Chile to live with my family again. So he did something I didn’t expected, when the time came, he took the plunge and quit his job, sold his car and belongings and traveled to Chile to live with me. With the help of God and the universe, he found a really good job and he loves everything about his new life. I can help but thinking “Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love”.

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how they asked

“Me and my boyfriend, traveled along with my folks and my sister for a holiday vacation to Riviera Maya in Mexico. It was an amazing trip so far, and it got even more lovely when my boy ask me to go on a romantic dinner to celebrate our upcoming monthversary, we have been together 2 years and 2 months so it was a big deal for us :) He surprise me with a dinner on the beach and a slideshow of our childhood photos and our memories together, then he told me he had one more big surprise and he came down in one knee and said the most beautiful words a girl can hear “would you be my cochiwife” then my family and friends came out and wished me all the happiness in the world!” Ps: Cochi for us means the sweetest thing (translated into English)

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