Sophie and Tyson

Sophie and Tyson's Engagement in Hotel Saint Cecelia in Austin, TX

How We Met

Tyson and I met through his little sister. She and I went to St. Edward’s together in Austin, TX and were roommates and close friends. Tyson lived in El Paso, where his whole family was born and raised, but he visited Austin frequently to see friends and family. We both admitted later that we always felt butterflies when we saw each other, but wanted to be cautious about jumping into a relationship because of my close friendship with his sister and the distance between Austin and El Paso. We grew closer over the course of a year or so, and eventually decided our strong feelings were worth diving into a long-distance, potentially complicated relationship.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hotel Saint Cecelia in Austin, TX

The rest was history; we fell deeply in love, and 2 years later he proposed! I recently moved to El Paso and feel so excited about our life together.

how they asked

Tyson was visiting Austin one weekend. It was near the end of the school year (I’m a first grade teacher), so I was a little stressed and so excited to have a relaxing weekend with him. At brunch on Sunday, I casually asked him what he wanted to do the rest of the day. He responded that we’d be packing our bags to go stay at Hotel Saint Cecilia for the night (my favorite Austin hotel)! I was so excited and nervous, wondering if he had any other surprises planned. Shortly after we checked into our beautiful suite, Tyson pulled me into a big hug. He told me he knew from the moment he met me that he was going to fall deeply in love with me, that he knows God made us for each other and that he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me.

He got down on one knee, held up a beautiful ring and said “will you marry me?” I’ll never forget the huge smile on his handsome face and the joyful tears that ran down my cheeks in that moment. I said yes! He later explained that he wanted to wait until we got to the hotel so that no matter where we live in the future, Hotel Saint Cecilia could be a place we always go back to and remember the night we got engaged. I loved that!