Sophie and Ryan

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How We Met

Sophie and Ryan met at the ripe age of six years old! They’ve known each other their whole lives and have always been friends. It wasn’t until they were 14 years old that they decided to develop feelings for each other and to start dating shortly after 8th grade!

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how they asked

The day was really beautiful, about 85 degrees outside and I was under the impression that I was a model for my sister’s spray tanning business. I was told to be in full glam and to wear something elegant because we were heading to a nice brunch afterward. We walked on the docs that were right on the water and had the Tom McCall waterfront and Hawthorne bridge right behind us. I was told to face the water to get some shots of the back of my outfit. Little did I know that while I was directed to face the water my now fiancé, Ryan, was grabbing the ring from my sister and quietly getting down on one knee behind.

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As I was directed to turn around and find Ryan, I was instantly in shock to see him below my eye level, as he is 6″3 and I’m 5″2, down on one knee with a red box in hand. Because It took me so long to actually register what was happening, I don’t quite remember what he told me. But I know it was along the lines of, “I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” It was the most perfect day spent with the people I love the most!

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Special Thanks

Abi (Sophie's sister)
 | Planning
Madi (best friend)
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring