Sophie and Rob; Fire Drill Marriage Proposal

What an example this marriage proposal sets for the kids…

How We Met: I am a kindergarten teacher and Rob is a Captain for the Charleston Fire Department. During my first year of teaching Kindergarten, we had Fire Safety week and Rob’s station came to teach fire safety to my class. We definitely caught each others eyes but did not make anything known during that visit. That night, he ended up finding me on Facebook and sent me a little note. It was not until a few months later that we began steadily dating. We dated for a year and realized soon that we were meant to be together!

The Marriage Proposal: After a year of dating, Rob and I were planning a trip to Savannah, GA for a getaway weekend. It was Friday morning before our trip and we had a, what seemed routine, fire drill at school. Turns out that Rob had coordinated with my assistant and my principal and scheduled this particular fire drill. So, we are standing outside waiting on the go-ahead from our principal when the fire trucks pull up with lights and sirens on. However, we were not surprised to see them because a dispatcher had made the mistake previously of sending them to a drill. So, I’m standing around talking to one of my children when the child says, “Look! There’s the fire chief!” When I turn around, the fire chief’s car is pulling into the parking lot and sitting in the front seat is Rob. In my head I say, “Oh, haha Rob had to come to this call too!”

Then, I notice that he is in his formal uniform and is holding roses. I then, immediately know that this is the moment and it’s really happening. He walked up to me and proposed on bended knee in front of 350 students, faculty and staff. We both immediately began to cry and I hugged him and said into his ear, Yes! He had also secretly given cameras and video cameras to several teachers so we have tons of pictures and a wonderful video! It was the most unforgettable day of our life and I couldn’t help but share!







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