Sophie and Mike

How We Met

I spent my college career working as a reporter and producer on our university’s sports TV show, RIT SportsZone, which is run in partnership with ESPN. Though we hadn’t met, Mike played RIT Lacrosse and was a frequent viewer of the show. He knew who I was and says he always had a crush on me, but we never seemed to cross paths during our studies.

Then, on his 21st birthday in late July, on the last stop of his bar crawl, he happened to stumble in to the same campus bar where I was having a drink with friends. He had seen me having lunch the day before, and told his friend that he wanted to meet me. It seemed like fate.

He asked his friend, who was a friend of a friend, to introduce us. Against his friend’s better judgement, he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “This is my friend Mike. He thinks you’re cute.” I thought his name was “Matt.”

“Matt” said hello and opened with the line, “I only like blondes, but you’re the prettiest brunette I’ve ever seen.”

Still, somehow, we got to talking and he walked away with my number. My name can be difficult to spell, and he definitely spelled it wrong when entering it into his phone. (To this day, he keeps the misspelling in his phone because it reminds him of how we met.)

The next morning, Mike couldn’t believe he had my number in his phone. He was embarrassed about how we met, and asked if he could take me out on a real date.

After a few short months together in Rochester, I made my way west to pursue a career in entertainment journalism. Mike finished his degree and landed a job in Boston. We survived a long distance relationship and countless miles flown back and forth, until Mike made it official and moved to Los Angeles two years later.

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how they asked

For the first time in history, Mike planned a full-blown date.

We were to have dinner at Mastros Penthouse in Beverly Hills, but would first go watch the sunset at the Griffith Observatory.

Mike was nervous the entire day. Since we live together, I had seen him throughout the entire day. He got dressed way early (which NEVER happens), nervously played video games, and sipped on a glass of scotch. When it was finally time to drive over, Mike played a special playlist of songs that had significance to our relationship. When we drove over to the Observatory — a place that holds special significance to both of us — we settled in to take in the view. Mike seized the opportunity to remind me that we had been standing in that same spot during his last visit to Los Angeles, when he decided that he would quit his job in Boston and move here to be with me. He talked about how it was the best decision he’s ever made, and how we make a great team together. He said he didn’t feel old enough to be married, but he felt more than happy enough.

Meanwhile, snapping photos nearby was Sophie’s good friend Kyleen — a professional wedding photographer — capturing the moment in disguise.

Mike got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” I immediately said “Yes!” but Mike, attempting to coordinate the perfect shot, didn’t hear it. After a few seconds, I asked, “Do you want me to put the ring on my own finger?” Mike obliged while pointing out the camera. “Does that mean you’re saying ‘Yes’?”

We posed for photos, admired the ring and made a few phone calls. Then, because this is Hollywood, a man in a Batman suit offered us his well wishes.

We finished the evening with a delicious steak dinner and a bottle of Napa Valley Merlot as we plotted our perfect Napa Valley nuptials. Image 2 of Sophie and Mike Image 3 of Sophie and Mike Image 4 of Sophie and Mike Image 5 of Sophie and MikeImage 6 of Sophie and Mike

Special Thanks

Kyleen James
 | Photography