Sophie and Michael

Sophie's Proposal in Japan

How We Met

Ten years ago I met a cute boy while working at summer camp. Two years later that summer fling became my boyfriend. Since that special summer under the stars, Michael has become my rock, my soulmate, my lover, my best friend, my favorite travel partner, my funny comedian and the best date ever. And today he became my FIANCÉ!!!

how they asked

We are always traveling all over the world and even created the hashtag #sophandMKjetset on Instagram for our fun travels. Japan had been on our bucket list for quite some time, so we were excited to finally make this dream trip come to life this year! On our trip, we visited Toyko and Kyoto. One week before our trip, I was doing some research and saw there was an amazing tulip festival about 2 hours outside of Kyoto at Nabano no Sato.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Japan

The 2nd to last day on our trip, we made our trek and Michael popped the questions in the most colorful (and beautiful!) field of tulips! I am a very colorful person – as you can probably tell from my Instagram – so it was the perfect spot for my dream proposal!

I’m so happy he liked it and put a (pink!) ring on it :)