Sophie and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris!!

How They Asked

The story of our engagement is one that highlights just how ‘seriously’ we take ourselves.

It all started with the purchase of a beautiful ring, that to Matt’s dismay was delivered while I was home.​ I shrugged it off as more of his annoying work gear being delivered to our house.
He then waited till I was out, inspected the ring, took some pictures and then hid it in a spot he was very proud of; behind the shelf with his records on it. This was almost disastrous, however, because, upon my arrival home, I noticed that there was now dust sticking out from behind the shelves and insisted he had already moved them and had to move them again so I could clean it up. All the while Matt internally screamed that I was determined to ruin things.

After that came our holiday, and Matt stressfully ensuring the ring’s safety until he found just the right time and place. Would it be Scotland? Poland? No, he decided on Paris. However, again, I apparently determined to destroy this proposal from the inside, decided it would be lovely if we packed a picnic, some wine and went and sat by the Eiffel Tower and watched it glisten at night. Matt continued his internal hatred of me and put on a brave face allowing me to plan out the night he had desired to plan.

We strolled through Paris to the tower and found the perfect spot to sit and view the lights. Now we just needed to wait for the daylight to fade that little bit more and that first sparkle of the tower lights to occur. Well, some Americans came by, and they decided that it was indeed a lovely place to propose. So did, and it was very sweet… The first time. They then stood repeating and repeating their proposal. For an hour or more. All the while Matt probably wondering if this was some sort of get out of jail free card. Run.

But he didn’t run. We sat, we laughed at this couple perfecting their engagement photos, stretching and warming up before each photo round. And with that, the tower lit up; and the American couple sat down. At last, Matt was able to pull out a ring and ask me ‘to keep him’. I kissed him and held out both hands, you know, just to see which finger he would put this ring on, I needed to be sure it was an engagement! He placed the ring on my finger and we kissed, watched the tower light up once again, and then strolled back through Paris.

Sophie's Proposal in Paris!!