Sophie and Kade

How We Met

Kade and I met in college in Portland, OR four years ago. We became friends during our first semester, and by the second semester, we had both coincidentally ended our long-distance relationships and had grown closer as friends. Fast forward a few months, and we started dating! After two years in the on-campus dorms, we moved into an apartment off campus and started our life together! Six months later, we got an adorable Labradoodle named Cedar. He loves to explore, and we love taking him on new adventures around Oregon. Kade is my best friend, and I truly couldn’t imagine life without him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Black Butte Ranch

Proposal Ideas Black Butte Ranch

How They Asked

This year, Kade and I spent the holidays apart; I went to England to be with my family, and he stayed in Oregon with his grandparents and our dog Cedar. Little did I know, Kade would take advantage of our time apart to pick out the most beautiful ring! My best friend was back in Portland visiting family for Christmas; she went ring shopping with Kade and helped him plan his proposal. I tend to spoil surprises for myself, so they had to make sure this one was foolproof.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Black Butte Ranch

When I got back from England, we decided to spend the long weekend celebrating our anniversary a couple of weeks early (before Kade had to go back to school). Kade’s family has a vacation home at Black Butte Ranch, where we like to spend time together away from the city. We packed up the car and put our new GoPro on the dashboard to record the beautiful drive up to the mountains. When we got there, there was snow on the ground, and the ranch looked beautiful! The house looks out on the Three Sisters mountains, with a big grassy area and a pond. We let Cedar out to run around in the snow, and as we were enjoying the view and laughing at the dog, Kade called my name – when I turned around, he was on one knee!

He had set up the GoPro to film the proposal, but the battery had died minutes before he popped the question – I had run the battery down when I insisted we record the entire drive up… oops! Even though we didn’t get the proposal on video, we both know exactly how it happened, and we will never forget that perfect moment (we were lucky enough to get some fantastic engagement photos taken soon after the proposal too!).

Special Thanks

Erin Marton
 | Photographer