Sophie and Jason

How We Met

Jason and Sophie met back in their home in Canada. Jason says that what started as an innocent dance led to the best five years of his life!

Sophie is caring, thoughtful and selfless.

how they asked

Jason contacted us at Euphoria Photography about a very special surprise proposal he was planning.

The setting was to be Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland.

Very early in the morning, he and his girlfriend, Sophie, would make their way to the Castle. Waiting on the bridge would be flickering, dancing LED candle lights. He would step into the heart, kneel down and ask his gorgeous girlfriend to spend forever by his side.

Image 1 of Sophie and Jason Image 2 of Sophie and Jason Image 3 of Sophie and Jason

And that’s exactly what happened!

Jason and Sophie then shared a beautiful dance on the bridge together.

Image 4 of Sophie and Jason

Sophie’s gorgeous ring is entirely edible, but it’s definitely too special to eat! Buying her an edible ring means Sophie can have full input on her engagement ring – Jason is so thoughtful!

Image 5 of Sophie and Jason
Image 6 of Sophie and Jason Image 7 of Sophie and Jason Image 8 of Sophie and Jason
Image 9 of Sophie and Jason Image 10 of Sophie and Jason

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