Sophie and Eric

How We Met

Just another day at work, except this time Sophie and Eric got placed in the same location. Little did they know, this would be the first day of the rest of their lives! Months went by fast and their love grew even faster. They explored the West Coast on their weekends from La Push, WA to San Diego, CA, and made it a priority to spend quality time with each others’ loved ones. It didn’t take long for them (and their families) to realize that these adventures were only previews of what’s to come!

how they asked

Eric had planned a surprise trip to Hawaii for Sophie’s birthday. Once they landed in Honolulu, after a couple delays, they drove to the north side of the island where Eric had made “dinner plans.” Eric explained to Sophie that the reservation could not be moved so they had to do whatever it took to make this reservation. Sophie was a little confused why the dinner plans were so pressing since she thought if missed, they could go the next day. They changed in the car, and hurriedly walked down the beach to “dinner.” Eric wanted to stop and take some photos since the beach was beautiful and they were alone. Of course Sophie thought they were on a time crunch so she was even more confused why they were stopping. Eric told Sophie to turn around so he could get a picture of her looking at the view. Next thing Sophie knew, Eric was down on his knee. Eric kept this a secret for months. He asked Sophie’s parents for her hand in marriage a month prior to the proposal and had bought the ring 4 months prior. Needless to say, this made for an incredible trip.

Image 1 of Sophie and Eric