Sophie and Connor

How We Met

Connor and I were both extremely involved with our Fraternity/Sorority in college. My freshman year I was elected philanthropy chair and had the honor of raising money for the San Antonio Children’s Hospital. My sorority has held a male beauty pageant every year to raise awareness and money for this amazing cause, we called it “Miracle Man” (for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals). Connor decided to represent his fraternity at this pageant and he ended up winning!! We took this picture after I crowned him, I barley even knew him at the time.

A few weeks went by and we exchanged a few texts here and there but we both couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Connor asked me to go on a date but on the day of we both ended up inviting our friends to tag along because we were BOTH so nervous!

After that we were inseparable and I watched Connor graduate from UTSA this past May.

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how they asked

I come from a melting pot family, my mom was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and my dad in London, England. They met, fell in love, and had me and my younger sister in Edinburgh, Scotland. We now live in Texas but still keep up with all of our people around the world.

The weekend we got engaged, my moms best friend from Scotland was visiting us. Last year she got married and unfortunately we missed her wedding but since she was visiting she wanted to have an “anniversary dinner” to celebrate. Little did I know that this was a thought out lie to trick me! The plan was for us to go to our favorite restaurant, The Dienger Trading Co, and celebrate together. I actually invited Connor to this dinner but obviously he knew all about it.

The day of came and we got ready for dinner like any usual night out, I actually said to Connor: lets take the back roads to the restaurant so we could spend more time together. My mom had texted us while we were on our way that the roads near the restaurant were packed so we would have to find parking and walk, I didnt think anything of it. Connor and I parked and started heading in the direction of the restaurant. Connor was walking so fast that I had to ask him to slow down, It makes sense now because he was so nervous.

In my little town of Boerne there is a gorgeous Main Plaza that looks like its out of a classical southern movie and it was right next to the restaurant we were eating at. Usually to get to The Dienger you stay walking straight but Connor turned into the main square. I was so confused and demanded that we head in the right direction because I didn’t want to be late! He said that it was okay and to walk forward, so I did. He called my name, I turned around, and he was on one knee. I was just completely shocked and speechless. As soon as I said yes and he got up, I hear cheers from behind me. Both of our families and all of our friends were on the balcony behind us watching the entire thing. It was so special to have all of the people we love the most there.

That night we had the most amazing dinner and celebrating in true Scottish fashion, with the tradition of drinking out of a Quaich. The Quaich is often referred to as a love cup because it shows that you trust each other enough to share a glass. It has two handles representing love and partnership. We drank champagne out of our Quaich, Connor wore a Scottish Jimmy hat, and I wore a Highland Coo hat. It was very true to my roots!

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