Sophie and Collin

How We Met

I met Collin in the summer of 2013 right after I graduated high school. Collin worked at the gym I was a member at, and I had the biggest crush on him ever! I applied for a job there in May and was offered a position in June. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday: all I cared about was finding out what the cute guy’s name was! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only was he a looker, but he was exactly what I wanted in a guy. Hilarious and outgoing, kind, and a man of faith. After a few months of painfully waiting for him to be single, he asked me to be his girlfriend on February 1st, 2014, right before he took me to my very first ice hockey game (go Stars!). Little did I know, but hockey would be come an integral part of our relationship! Attached is some photos my sister took of us (she does photography on the side!) and we had been together about 2.5 months!

Image 1 of Sophie and Collin

how they asked

Collin graduated college in May 2016 and began working back at our university as a college admissions counselor. During the Fall, all of the counselors travel to different cities all throughout Texas to recruit students. Through travel season, he earned hotel points and had earned enough to get one free night! Collin has lived in Texas his whole life but had never been to the Alamo or really anything in San Antonio…I am also a native Texan and this BLEW MY MIND. I couldn’t stand it – I immediately told him we needed to take a quick trip so he could see the city! Since UMHB (our alma mater and Collin’s employer) is a Baptist University, the school is closed on Good Friday. Naturally, this was the best day to go because Collin wouldn’t have to take off work, and we could be back in time on Sunday for Easter! Collin told me to go get my nails done so they would be nice for Easter and it would be his treat – I’d had a really long semester so he said he wanted to treat me. I was a little suspicious, but I wasn’t going to say no to a free manicure! He also said he wanted to eat at one of the nice restaurants on the River Walk, so I needed to pack one nice outfit. Once in San Antonio, we walked around all morning on Friday and came back to the hotel around 3pm. Collin said our reservations were at 4:30, so we started getting ready. Right before we left, Collin had a small gift bag in his hands that he said he wanted me to open at the restaurant. He said he had gotten me a gift for Easter, and I felt like a total jerk because I hadn’t gotten him anything! At 4:00, we set out for the River Walk. We arrived at the Arneson River Theatre and Collin asked me to sit down on the amphitheater seats. He told me that we had arrived a little early so I might as well open the gift now to kill some time before we went to eat. I’m never going to say no to opening presents, so I quickly sat down and opened my gift. Inside the bag was a Dallas Star’s jersey. The Stars are my favorite sport’s team, and we have an ongoing joke about my crush on one of their star centers, Tyler Seguin. I laughed when I saw the jersey and said, “You got me a jersey!?” and quickly turned it around, fully expecting to see #91 with the last name “Seguin” printed on the back. Instead, I turned the jersey around and saw #95 with the last name “MRS. CAVENDISH”. By now, I knew what was happening! I jumped up and saw Collin on one knee, and he asked me to marry him! I was so excited and taken up in the moment that I couldn’t even tell you exactly what he said, but I think I screamed “YES!” before he even finished his sentence! As this was happening, a River Boat Tour was passing by and all the patrons were screaming, clapping, and yelling “Congratulations!”. It was so unique, so special, and so US! I cannot wait to marry this amazingly goofy, caring, and handsome man. #ChoosingCavendish

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Special Thanks

Natalie Rivera
 | Photographer
Wesley Arroyo
 | Photographer