Sophie and Casey

How We Met

I had been praying to find the perfect person to spend the rest of my life with but never in a million years did I think that the Lord would have hand picked anyone as incredible as Casey. We met through a friend I knew in high school, and soon as she told me about him I got a friend request on Facebook. We would message each other back and forth but never really had time to meet. Until one day, the four of us went to Salt and Straw for ice-cream. As soon as we met we instantly connected. I told him how I had a cup of tea every morning for breakfast because both of my parents were from England, when he replied “No way my step mum is from England”. We were just a match maid in heaven. From that day forward we have spent every day together.

how they asked

Growing up I had always dreamed about the perfect proposal, but never in a million years did I expect it to be as incredible as what it was. He had called my work and had asked my managers to give me time off. When I saw the four days I wouldn’t be working my mom asked me to go to the beach for the week. Casey had told me he was to busy with work and that if he had time he would come down for an hour or two.

Right as I arrived to our beach house I had gotten a call from him to meet him in town to look around some shops. Little did I know as he was distracting me both of our families and closest friends were setting inside the house with signs that said “he put a ring on it” Champagne, burgers and cake. Meanwhile he had asked me to walk along the beach with him back home. When we started to get closer to the house I noticed 20 signs all put out with pivotal times in our relationship, with pictures and paintings made all done by him.

Image 1 of Sophie and Casey

We finally came up to a heart made out of driftwood with two chairs in the center it had a sign saying “please enter”.

Image 2 of Sophie and Casey

We sat down and as he began to get nervous he looked to left,I saw all of our family and friends hiding in the bushes and was in shock. He told me how much he loved me, what I meant to him and how he couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else. When he pulled out a sign from behind his chair that said “Sophie Grace, Will you marry me”.

Image 3 of Sophie and Casey

He got down on one knee showed me the ring, and I followed with a big YES I heard cheering in the distance and everyone came running down the steps to congratulate us.

Image 4 of Sophie and Casey

I couldn’t imagine anything that could have made that day any better!

Image 5 of Sophie and Casey

Image 6 of Sophie and Casey