Sophie and Bry

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How We Met

Bry and I met our Sophomore year of High School. I was awkward, had just moved from Germany to the U.S., but somehow Bry had an eye on me from the start. After meeting each other’s parents – we even established we were at the same carnival in Berlin, Germany when we were both 6 years old, as he had visited his aunt there when he was little. After High School, I had to move back to Germany because my Visa expired – yet we never lost touch and visited each other as often as possible, I even flew to Florida without telling him and surprised him for prom! One year later I scored a scholarship to go to college in Florida, it just so happened Bry was accepted to a school less than 10 minutes away from me… the rest is history.

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how they asked

Anybody who knows me – knows I always figure everything out. I was working in San Francisco, and Bry was acting suspiciously adamant about letting me know in detail what he was up to that weekend back in Florida. A mutual friend who was in training close by planned a weekend trip with me to Lake Tahoe while we were both in town, and I suspected Bry might surprise me – but never with what! I was surprised when not only Bry – but also his sister and another friend of ours showed up at a tiny hole in the wall bar in South Tahoe.

The day after we all planned to hang out, Bry wanted to take a gondola to the top of the mountain – I argued I wanted to go rafting with everyone else! Not knowing how difficult I was making this for him.. Finally, our friends agreed to come to the top of the mountain so I would go. There we walked down to a viewpoint overlooking Lake Tahoe, the Olympic Village, and the breathtaking mountains, it was perfect. Bry asked me to take my hat off- but of course, I was being difficult and just asked why?? Then Bry got down on one knee – he couldn’t even get the words out before I yelled “Yes! Freaking finally it’s only been 8 years!!” He better get used to a lifetime of sarcasm and attitude :)