Sophia and Varshik

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How We Met

When Varshik and I spoke to each other for the first time, we both felt an instantaneous connection. A regular Hi! Hello! turned into a non-stop four-hour conversation. As soon as we said goodnight and got off the phone I began to miss him. I had to resist the urge to call him back right then and there just to hear his voice again but I had to see my family for dinner and he had to leave to go back home to Dubai. All night I thought about him. On my way to dinner, sitting at the table trying to focus on conversation, on my way back home, I replayed our conversation over and over in my mind. Every fiber of my brain told me this was something different, something amazing and magical and the type of thing that doesn’t happen in real life right? I tried to calm myself down, scolded myself for being so entangled in such deep feelings for someone I had just spoken to once and fell into a fitful sleep. The next morning, I woke up around 7 am and saw a text from him. I was elated.

It was the start of an endless texting saga that evolved into a 13-hour conversation without either of us moving from our beds or stopping to have a bite to eat. By this time, we both knew that this was something very special. We couldn’t go for an hour without talking to each other. For a week, I skipped dinner every day because I didn’t want to waste even a single minute doing anything else other than talking to him. That’s when I realized that true love was all encompassing. It makes you forget anything and everything you thought mattered, including sleep and food. With every passing day, our feelings grew stronger for each other. My friends were skeptical, they kept telling me to take my time and not get too caught up in my emotions. But I knew the truth. I kept telling Varshik that I felt like I was living a fairy-tale, he would laugh and say it’s Sophia-tale. We both knew we were meant for each other.

how they asked

Unbeknownst to me, Varshik had already gotten in touch with all my close friends in an effort to plan a surprise me for my birthday. I knew that he would plan something special for my birthday and secretly hoped that he would find some way to come to meet me. But then, just a week before my birthday Varshik called me with terrible news. He sounded quiet and forlorn as he told me that his bag was missing. His laptop and business papers were in the bag along with his passport. I was devastated. I tried to be supportive and help him think of places where he might have left the bag but a sense of pervasive sadness and despondency filled my heart. Throughout that week, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I was distracted at work, I could barely sleep and I had to remind myself to eat my meals. All the excitement for my birthday was gone. I knew it wasn’t Varshik’s fault but, to me, my birthday had just become another day without him here with me.

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One day at work I stepped out to take a walk and distract myself and get some lunch. On my way back to the office I received a text from one of my coworkers asking me to meet her outside the office. As I walked towards our office building a feeling of optimism and excitement generated in me. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but I began walking faster. I entered our office building and walked down the hallway. My coworker was standing in the lobby, leaning against one of the pillars. As I reached the lobby, in one gliding movement, Varshik emerged from behind the pillar with a bouquet of flowers and stood smiling at me. I was stunned and ecstatic all at once. I was smiling so intently that the sides of my mouth ached for hours afterwards. Varshik had already spoken to my employer regarding me taking a week off. Everything was just so perfect that I couldn’t imagine anything better. But then, better came. On February 7, 2017, a day before my birthday.

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Varshik suggested we go see The Lion King on Broadway that evening. He helped me pick out an outfit and asked me to wear red nail polish because he said he loved the way it looked on my hands. Reflecting on it, it now seems like I should have realized what was happening but I was focused on the present and the wonderful time I was having with him. Varshik told me that someone would be giving us the tickets at Times Square so we needed to be on time. We reached Times Square there around 6:54 pm and were waiting for him. I craned my neck to see if anyone was approaching but Varshik didn’t seem to recognize anyone. At 7 PM, Varshik took me by the shoulders and turned me around. I looked at him and was about to ask him what he was doing when he started pointing and looked up.

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I followed him gaze and saw a large billboard with the first picture we had taken together and the question which I had been waiting to answer. When I turned back to look at him, he was on his knees with the ring in his hand. “Will You Marry Me?” he whispered.

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I nearly screamed out “YES!” We both were filled with happiness. In a few hours it would be my birthday and I had just received the best gift I could ever get; the man of my dreams putting a ring on my finger. He is exactly the kind of man I wanted to be with. Each and every moment with him is indeed a Sophia-tale.

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