Sophia and Shawn

How We Met

My fiancé Shawn and I met on a dating site back in December 2013. I pursued him, so he says. We talked for about two days before he asked me on a date. After that we were inseparable.

how they asked

We bought our first home together in September of 2016. We had agreed that a house would come before a ring. Inside I was a little sad but excited for a home of our own. Shawn kept telling me that once he had enough money he would buy me a ring. Well I decided to start Pinning rings on Pinterest subliminally for him. He would still tell me not yet and I understood, a home is a lot. Little did I know, he was plotting. fast foward to the night of December 30th 2016. A Friday night, we decided to stay in. Shawn was making a romantic dinner for us. Salmon on the grill. He told me to sit back and relax and if I needed anything to let him know. At one point he told me not to come in two of our rooms until he was ready. Once he was ready. A candle was lite, the lights were dimmed and it was romantic. We then sat down and Shawn asked me to grab him a napkin. I said sure, picked one up and handed it to him. As I turned back to my plate I noticed a ring. I looked at him and said “what is that” he then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked for my hand. I instantly broke down in tears. I was absolutely shocked and overjoyed! And of course I said yes ! it was so special a memory we’ll never forget in our home!

Where to Propose in In our dining room of our very first home