Sophia and Quenton

How We Met

We found love on Facebook! lol. Q messaged me on Facebook on Sept 11, 2017. I typically do not respond to my DMs but his message made me laugh. His message said “Sooo ok I legit have a high school you are a senior and I’m a freshman crush on you and I have been holding that in for a while now and after you read this just totally forget that I even said that to you now as I’m typing this I’m mad embarrassed. But just forget that this was said and go on about your normal day.” I replied with the crying laughing emojis and said I’m going on with my day like this didn’t happen. (Screenshots are attached of our first private interaction. The crazy thing about us meeting on Facebook is that we were friends on there for 10 years and never knew each other existed until I wrote on his status one day giving him sites to watch shows on since he was overseas. I guess he was fond of me ever since lol.

Where to Propose in Tybee Island, GA

As we got to know each other more, he told me the only reason he sent the message is that he thought he was about to die. He was like at least she would know. He was doing contract work in Afghanistan at the time. This is weird, but I’m happy that one fear made him conquer the fear of messaging me.

Word to the wise: Check your DMs Sus! He might be the one.

How They Asked

Q presented the idea of an all-white party with family and friends in August/September 2019. I told him it was a great idea and I would love to do that. Family is very important to me and to be able to have them and my friends under the same roof for the New Year was perfect. I told him to contact my mom to help with the logistics because I can become super controlling over events if it doesn’t go my way. So he told me, okay the only thing I need to do is show up and beautiful as I always do. In my mind this was perfect. He also said he would get a photographer and videographer to document this day for us.

Sophia and Quenton's Engagement in Tybee Island, GA

Fast forward to the day of…The party began at 8/9 pm and as family/friends arrived we danced the night away. We began counting down until the New Year and he got down on one knee with exactly 10 secs of the countdown left. Everyone was super excited because they all knew lol. He said “I love you, you’re my best friend. Since day one I told you I was going to marry you right…so I want to ask you will you marry me”. Of course, I said Yes!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Briana Tucker
 | Photographer
Eddie Tucker
 | Videographer