Sophia and Patrick

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How We Met

Pat and I have known each other since high school, never quite friends, but acquaintances. Our paths crossed many times through college at parties and gatherings, but because he was going to college in Missouri, those interactions were few and far between. Fast forward to 2013, Snapchat was the go-to “shooting your shot.” (is that what the kids are saying these days?) We were snap chatting each other quite often until one day, HE CALLED ME. Yes, on the phone. At that time and considering, I was 24, talking on the phone was pretty much nonexistent within my group of friends. Texting, snap, Instagram, is how we all communicated. I was so nervous and excited, like why is he CALLING me. Something must be wrong. I answered and he wanted to just chat. See how my day was and what I was doing that night. At that moment I learned how personable he really is, and that the butterflies I was feeling were intense. From there we casually hung out, went on some dates, made many trips to Santa Cruz and quickly fell in love.

How They Asked

To this day I say Christmas Day 2013 is our first official date. He would probably argue with me and say burgers and milkshakes at Gatsby’s Diner was our first, but I digress. Christmas is a huge deal in my family. Like HUGE. We have annual sleepovers, make gingerbread houses, host Christmas brunch 3 weeks before Christmas, you get the picture. It’s a month-long ordeal. Pat comes from a much smaller family so he quickly saw what goes into the holidays and how much it means to me and my family. So, when 12/12/2019 rolls around and our Christmas tree is not decorated, I am about to lose my mind. Pat travels a lot for work, so I was waiting for him to decorate the tree, but he was purposely delaying because he had a plan. We were driving home from dinner and he asks if I want to decorate the tree, I said DUH! He proceeds to say, well let’s clean up the house a little before we do. Annoyed I asked, “Why?, when I left this morning, it was fine.” He says he didn’t make the bed. I quickly figured out later, he was stalling so he can get his plan in place. We get home “tidy up” the house and I already had all the ornaments laid out so we were ready to roll. I am placing ornaments on the tree and I am about halfway down the tree when he says, ” I am going to move this from the top and put it down here.” I quickly asked, “Why?, I like it there.” He says, “I am just going to put it down here.” He asked me to put another ornament at the top and so after debating which one, I put a guardian angel ornament at the top that my late grandmother gave me. Little did I know that a special ornament was tucked at the top with a special sparkly diamond inside. Pat asked what that ornament was, and as I glanced at the glass ball with my dream ring inside and a seashell, I realized what was happening. The ornament he made will also house little treasures we pick up along the way, just like the shell he put inside from Hawaii. I quickly turned around to see Pat on one knee. Honestly, I blacked out. All I remember him saying is that he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me. Not sure if he even asked me to marry him. Jk. We cried, laughed and marveled at my ring. It honestly couldn’t have been more perfect. Just him and I, the dogs, and a perfect Christmas. The Maloney’s are coming at ya December 19, 2020!!

Sophia's Proposal in In our dining room