Sophia and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met almost ten years ago at the famous venue The Filmore here in San Francisco. He walked over to me while I was actually on a date and started to make conversation! The date I was on was a real flop but Nick was so full of life and excitement! I couldn’t tell you what or how many songs the band played but I can remember how tired my cheeks were from smiling so much. After the show they asked for my number and we began to date. We were together for a little over a year before we went different ways. We were very young and needed time to grow. Fast forward almost five years later and Nick sends me a text message out of the blue. I still remember seeing his name pop up on my cell phone screen and the flush of pink that rose to my cheeks! He told me he had recently ended things with someone because he couldn’t stop thinking of me! He asked where I was and if he could come see me that night. I told him and he hopped in his car and drove over four hours up the coast of California. That was almost five years ago and neither of us have ever looked back! We moved to San Francisco and adopted our fur baby Ben and now we are starting a new chapter together!

Sophia's Proposal in Ocean Beach in San Francisco durring a rain storm!

how they asked

Nick and I both share a passion for the ocean and surfing so it felt very normal for Nick to ask to for us to go catch a mid day surf. The only thing was that it was POURING rain. I took a look at the wave forecast and saw how terrible the weather was and said no way! Nick looked absolutely gutted and I remember thinking how ridiculous he was being (little did I know…) So I finally gave in and we suited up for a blistery surf. After our surf, our buddy Eric who had paddled out with us, asked if he could try out his new iPhone’s camera and take our pictures. I thought it was a little strange but didn’t protest. Then all of a sudden I see Nick get down on one knee! The rest is a blur but I will forever remember his handsome face saying, “I love you Sophia, please be my wife!” After I said yes I heard shouts and loud music and fifty of our closest friends and family were running over the bluff with champagne and music!

Proposal Ideas Ocean Beach in San Francisco durring a rain storm!

The sun came out and a beautiful rainbow arched over our spontaneous party. But wait- it gets better. Much better! After about thirty minutes of hugs and tears, I hear a rumbling. I look up and a plane is flying over us with a huge banner that reads, “Marry Me Sophia.”

Nick explained he proposed before the plane came for fear that the pilot couldn’t fly with the rain! By this point I couldn’t have dreamt up a better way to have the man of my dreams ask for my hand in marriage. But in true Nick form, it got even better. He gave me a simple band made by our dear friend Krista, and he explained to me that we would go to New York City the following weekend so we could design my engagement ring together! I was in shock! Then to celebrate our engagement we spent New Years in the most romantic city in the world, Paris! Nick is the man who splits everything he has in half and gives it away. He shows me loyalty, acceptance and love everyday and I am truly blessed to have him by my side through life.