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How They Asked

My fiancé, Miller Tring, booked an incredible Airbnb in downtown San Francisco the day after my ministry school graduation for Miller, myself, and our couple friends Liv and Irvin! we had been anticipating this trip for so long, we were sooo excited May 8th finally came!! we packed the car full, drove thru for our road trip coffee’s, and hit the road in preparation for our 4-hour drive to San Francisco from small-town Redding, California. I couldn’t believe I was done with three years of school, and I had a whirlwind of emotions that morning.

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I honestly wasn’t thinking if anything was going to happen – the thought of Miller proposing subtly crossed my mind a few times, yet my mind was mainly in vacation mode and the fact that I completed three long amazing years of school. Nearing closer to the city, we stopped for groceries on the way and had on our needed face masks in whole foods – hence the global coronavirus pandemic slowly declining at this point, yet still occurring.

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We got back in the car and drove to the Airbnb. At this point, I was just so excited to see what the Airbnb looked like inside! I had remembered Miller telling me he had a graduation gift for me, yet I didn’t know when he was going to give it to me.

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I walked through the door and noticed there was a gift on the dining table with a card sticking out. I could feel the nerves in me arising. in my head, I was like “how the heck did this get here??” “did he seriously drive all the way down here yesterday?” I played it down in my head and kept my cool. Miller wrote a lot of thoughtful, sweet words, and at the bottom of it said to go get freshened up, because Irvin is going to take photos of us on the beach!

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At this point, I had a feeling something was going to happen, yet I still didn’t know, and because I didn’t know, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I kept calm and got dressed. I put on my pink silk skirt, blacktop, white high top sneakers, and threw on my jean jacket. my friend Liv was getting ready with me and loaning me some things for my outfit lol. I walked out of our room, and Miller’s eyes lit up, and he told me I looked so beautiful. we drove for about 30 minutes to Ocean Beach near the golden gate bridge and parked alongside of the street.

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When we started walking in front of Irvin’s camera and once we stepped onto the sand, I kept having this feeling that something was going to happen, but still didn’t want to get my hopes up. we took our time on the beach as Irvin was snapping photos of us ☺️ Miller led me closer to the cove area. I immediately noticed a huge white blanket with red rose petals sprinkled all over. inside my head, I was like, “ohhhhhhhh my GOSH is this actually happening?? is this ACTUALLY happening???!!!” 😍😭😍

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Miller led me to this secluded cove area, as Irvin and Liv stood a fair distance taking photos of us. he gave me a gorgeous bouquet of roses and had me stand in the middle of the white blanket. we were standing in the middle of all these sprinkled red rose petals with polaroid photos of us taken throughout our relationship❤️ we hugged and looked at the photos for a little.

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It was this moment that felt so special and so sacred to me because no one was around. the sound of the waves blocked everything out and we knew no one was able to hear what we were saying. it was just us. only us. ❤️ with tears in our eyes, he read aloud things that pulled on many heartstrings. Miller is the sweetest, most intentional man I know.

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All while listening to his words and smiling so so big, I went from laughing to crying, to laughing, over and over. he really knows how to make me feel so beautiful, so seen and so special. sure enough, Miller Tring pulled out a box from his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked, “Sophia Maxwell, will you marry me?” I said, “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the easiest YES!!!!!!” Miller Tring, I cannot wait to be your wife, and to love you for all of my days!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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