Sophia and Miguel

Image 1 of Sophia and Miguel

How We Met

We met on Bumble.

How They Asked

Miguel and I have been doing long distance since COVID began. He was living in Arizona and I was in Texas with my parents. I had been bugging him a month into meeting him when he would be asking me the “big question”. When I graduated in September with my MBA I couldn’t walk across the stage or wear a cap and gown or really celebrate. I didn’t walk in my undergraduate graduation so this was something I was looking forward to. Not only that, but graduation was going to be in Chicago and we didn’t get to go. Instead, Miguel took me to Las Vegas. He asked if I packed anything fancy and I said no and asked if I should and put the ring emoji. He told me to not even think about that this trip so I left it alone. When I got back to Texas from our trip I figured the next time I would see him would be either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Little did I know three weeks after I got back, he had been planning with my brother to come down to Texas and surprise me. My brother told my parents he was going to take us to lunch Saturday morning and to get ready. I was semi-upset because I planned to wash my hair that morning and my brother said he would be there in 45 minutes (not enough time to wash my long hair). My brother was running late, and I was ‘hangry’ at this point. When my brother finally got to my parents’ house I was upstairs in my room and he snuck Miguel in. As I came downstairs Miguel was hiding in the kitchen. I didn’t see him until he said “Are you ready yet?” I was completely shocked. I had just talked to him that morning and told him how nice and cool the weather was in Texas and told him to have a good day at work. I asked “what are you doing here?” Next thing I know he’s down on one knee. I couldn’t have imagined a better way for him to ask me to be his wife, in front of my parents and brother. He really is the man of my dreams and I feel so lucky to be his fiancé and soon-to-be-wife.