Sophia and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I dated for a year and 3 months before he proposed. After the first week of knowing him, I could picture hanging out with him for the rest of my life. Something I had never felt ever before. He felt safe and secure and after a very short time, he became my best friend. When I say I could picture “hanging out with him forever” I really mean that just being around him made me feel at home. I’ve never dated anyone before and been able to be so at ease that it just felt like hanging out with my best friend ALL THE TIME!! I mean how great does that sound?! When people told me the whole “when you know, you know” before meeting josh I literally wanted to roll my eyes and walk away. But after meeting Josh I knew he was my person. He gave me hope in a forever future and an easy love that would last a lifetime.

How They Asked

Josh had asked my dad a couple of months before he proposed if he could marry me, ( I had to know the answer because I didn’t want the first question out of my mouth when he was on one knee to be “did my dad say yes?!”….kinda kills the mood.) Well, he said YES! YAY! Now the waiting game.

Anyway, I knew it would eventually happen but it was one of those things that it could have happened at any event or on a random day. Then a couple of days before we were going to go on a trip to Seattle he told me “hey I found a cute place to take pictures on one of the days we are there so bring a cute outfit” OMG I instantly started freaking out inside….is this it? But, Josh is a huge jokester so I really couldn’t get my hopes up too high because he could just be trying to throw me off. I’m a hairstylist so my nails always look like trash and Josh actually was planning on bringing nail polish to the proposal so we could paint them after he asked me for the pictures! But because I suddenly realized It could possibly happen on the trip I went and got them done the day before we left, talk about last minute!

Even if he didn’t propose I decided to keep getting them done until he asked so I would be prepared. On the day before the proposal, it was raining and so Josh was freaking out! He just kept checking the weather all day to make sure it would be sunny on the day of. ( of course, he told me this after) On the day of the proposal, it was gorgeous out, we took about a two-hour drive to the hillside and he seemed totally normal! I always heard people say their significant other seems super weird when they are going to propose so I thought “ok maybe it’s not today..he seems literally the same as always.” We got to Woodstock farm and there were only three parking spots! So josh just turned into the dirt and said: “ok let’s go and hopefully we don’t get towed.” We started walking down this path with trees all around us, joshes friend came with us because we were in town visiting him and his girlfriend. So it was the three of us exploring the area.

Where to Propose in Woodstock Farm Seattle

We turned the corner and I look to the left and I see this gorgeous view overlooking the water, its golden hour so the light was just coming through the trees in the most perfect way. Josh started taking test shots of just me and then had his friend take over the camera “let’s take some of us together baby!” he said. He walks over and puts his arm around my waist and I can feel him shaking as I’ve never felt anyone shake before! I literally for a split second thought “Oh my gosh is he dying??” Right when I thought this he got down on one knee and I instantly started crying. “Why are you crying? he said I’m just tying my shoe!” I don’t even remember most of what he said after that because I was so in shock. This is happening for real! All I remember him saying was “The hardest part about this whole thing was keeping something that was so exciting for me a secret from you because you’re my best friend.” Then he tried to get the ring out but was shaking so badly he had to use both hands to get is out of his pocket. When he finally got it out and I saw the ring I was literally in awe, I’ve never seen anything like it. I instantly through my arms around him and was hugging him too tight so he stepped back and had to use two hands and said ” babe! Let me put the ring on!” he was still shaking. I couldn’t stop crying for a good 10 minutes after that I was so happy. Everything was more perfect then I could have ever dreamed of and I could not be happier to be getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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