Sophia and Daragh


How We Met

After 22 years of living down the road from each other…I finally spoke to Daragh for the first time at our local bar where I just knew I had been introduced to someone extremely special. He was a Ship’s Officer and to my disappointment, I found out he was being shipped out to Singapore the next day for 4 months. The next few months passed (slowly) and I still thought about Daragh and wondered if he even really noticed me.

Finally he returned to Ireland and to my surprise…he did remember me!! We meet again shortly after his return and he officially asked me on our first date. I have never experience such an instant connection as I have with Daragh. The laughter we share, the things we experience together and the love we feel has been one of dreams.

how they asked

Last year we moved to New Zealand together in order for Daragh to secure work on boats without having to be away from each other for 4 months at a time. He is a now a Captain of a Ferry in Auckland and he comes home to me every evening but that doesn’t stop me from still missing him during the day.

After working extremely hard over the past couple of months, Daragh decided that we really needed a trip away together to relax and recoup. The perfect excuse for us to have another epic snowboarding trip which was exactly what I needed.

We arrived in Wanaka and we had decided to go for a hike as it is surrounded by stunning mountains and incredible views. To my surprise, it was not a hike we were doing…but a scenic helicopter flight to the top of the mountain peaks in Wanaka.

I was beyond mesmerised by the picturesque scenery and charming landscape that I barely noticed how nervous and awkward Daragh was being. I finally asked “are you ok??” and then to my astonishment, he was down on one knee asking if I would become his wife.

The proposal

The proposal 2

The proposal 3

Happiest day of my life to date.

Helicopter 2


I said YES